Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Quilts and Friendships

Here’s some primitive little girls designed by Cheri. They remind me of the sweet friendships quilting brings together.
As far as I’ve seen of the swap, it’s been a real success! Not only are little quilts zig zagging across the USA and the world but lifelong friendships are being made. That makes me so happy!
I’ve made some true friends through quilting and blogging and I hope to make more.

Thank you all for your sweet comments about handquilting the Cherry Tree quilt. It inspires me to keep on quilting!!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. These little girls are lovely and yes, crafty blogging has introduced me to many people I wouldn't have otherwise met.

  2. I am so thankful for you and your friendship!

  3. Thank you for having the swap and a blog to read! You have made me go outside my box and I realize that is ok to have it a little off! Have a wonderful day! 🌞

  4. Those are darling blocks...I am so glad to have met you!

  5. These girls are a sweet design.
    Every post I have seen of the swap results has been a positive thing. Some great little quilts have been created and swapped.
    You, my dear, have been an inspiration and good friend from my early days of blogging. I thank you for that!

  6. The girls are so cute. I made a quilt with similar blocks years ago. It still hangs in my livingroom!

  7. I have not seen this sweet block before! Love it.

  8. Cute! I have seen so many of the doll quilts and they are great. I didn't do it this year. But I wish I was doing your QAL - I love that quilt - maybe I'll do it later.

  9. Those four are so sweet. I love the simplicity of them.

  10. Those little girls are so cute!
    I’m so glad that I met you in blogland, you are an inspiration to me!
    My little quilt is on his way to a new home, long way across the ocean!

  11. i love these little girls! where can I find the pattern?


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