Monday, April 16, 2018

Rainy Days and Mondays......

Always get me down....

But I pull myself back up by the bootstraps!

Lots of rain yesterday- I live in the high desert and don't usually get a full day of rain. I grew up in Seattle area and thought I left the wet for good! 

I am scheduled to do a lecture and class on this quilt later this month in Victoria, TX. I was warned that the guild doesn't like to take classes but I do not have anyone signed up :( 
I'll try not to take it personal. 

 Blue Ridge Rendezvous is such a fun class! It is based on an antique and includes the fun 1/2 blocks and this great zig zag setting!  It is called that because I made it when I was with Bonnie Hunter at her first cabin in the Blue Ridge Mtns. 
I've also had 2 guilds say they were interested, then back out when it came time to fit me in their schedule. I really am trying to stay positive about the whole thing. I use the money from the lectures and workshops to finance a good portion of my mission trips, so I guess I'll need to find an alternative plan. 
 I met this lovely lady, Debbie,  in Houston when we both volunteered for the first time in 2016. We were roommates and hit it off instantly. I'll be spending time with her in TX 
and I am really looking forward to that. 
And because I embroidered this date on my Liberty quilt, we'll need to go full speed ahead to finish it this year! The designer of the quilt we are working on, Cheri Payne,  passed away from cancer on Sunday. She was surrounded by her family and she knew she was loved deeply by her family and the quilt community.

Let's make it a great week!



  1. That's a really cute quilt, especially with the zig zag set. I have a vintage bowtie,zigzag set using bubblegum pink! I live in NY so can't come to your class, but they are missing out.
    Our guild has trouble filling classes and has also had to cancel. We can't even get the minimum of 15 sometimes, and that's with opening it up to other guilds! So, I don't think you can take it personal but it is still sad.

  2. i Love taking classes but sometimes they are just too expensive. For example, my guilds classes are $45. Then I need to buy the book $25-$30 as well as the “ kit” for more dollars. So I spend a minimum of $70. I like to learn new things but I can buy a pattern and sew it for a lot less money. Not all of us have deep pockets.
    So, I’d the class included the pattern, it would be much more manageable. Just saying.......

    1. Actually I do understand that. No need to purchase a thing from me!

  3. I’m not sure if there are any guilds around here anymore. Even the quilts shops don’t seem to have many classes. I miss that social part of being in a guild.

  4. I certainly would have taken a class with you if I lived in Victoria ! Oh yes !! Your quilt is gorgeous !
    I'm so sad for Cheri... She was a great woman. All my thoughts are her family...

  5. Don’t take it personally. I agree that they are sometimes to pricey but more than that I believe that everyone has to work to keep food on the table and most classes are scheduled on weekdays after or before the guild meeting and members can’t take the day off.

  6. It is a lot of money for a guild to transport you so far and only end up having you do a lecture. They are missing out on some fun.

  7. Wish I was closer to Victoria Texas. I would have already signed up. Have only been following your blog. for a few months, but love what you do. I found you from JulieK's blog. the antique quilt you posted on October 17, 2017 I made seven for Christmas gifts to be used as table toppers. I have also made a lap top quilt since then. Also love your mission work.

  8. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Cheri. She was such a talented designer and a friend to many. I'm so sorry that TX canceled your class. Their loss indeed! I know how hard it is to schedule classes here in Maine. It can be like pulling teeth! I hope you have a good time with your new friend and enjoy your lecture!

  9. I love this quilt, and I loved the time we spent together while you were making it! Those folks just do not know what they are missing! *hugs*

  10. I was happy to be part of this class, Blue Ridge, your lecture and showing of your quilts when you visited Bellingham. Hope you return one day!

  11. It's a snowy Monday here - I'm going to sit and my machine and quilt! I'm sorry to hear your class isn't going to work out. I hope you have a great time in Texas anyway. Sorry to hear about Cheri - she will be missed.

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  13. You'll be at our April guild meeting. I'm looking forward to meeting you and taking your class.

  14. Your blue ridge quilt is so cute, I love blue!
    If I lived there, for sure I had take a class with you, even if only to meet you in person🤗
    I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend, my thought are with her family.

  15. Thank you for sharing the news about Cheri. I hadn't found a way to find out how she was doing though I was praying for her. Her work has always inspired me. My prayers will continue for her family as I know she was well loved.

  16. Your quilts are always inspiring. Too bad the guild gals will miss out. Sorry to hear about Cheri. I've always enjoyed her style.

  17. Cheri was such a generous quilter. She will be missed.
    That is a great quilt. Would love to be in your class. Can't believe no one has signed up. They don't know what they are missing.
    I don't belong to local guilds, but I don't think they bring in many (if any) teachers. Around here that is done more by the state guild and the shops.
    I don't know how much you charge for your classes, but I take so few classes, I am willing to spend a little bit for the ones I really want.

  18. Lori maravilloso edredón.
    Estas damas se pierden mucha diversión al no asistir a tus clases.
    ¡¡¡ siento estar lejos!!!

  19. I love your blue ridge quilt and have always wanted to make a quilt with the zig zag, especially after I saw one that you made before - it might have had sawtooth stars in it. If I lived close enough, I would certainly want to attend your class on the zig zag quilt.

  20. That is a shame about the classes, I hope you can get more, and be able to help more people with the extra money.


  21. I'm sorry that your class hasn't any takers or the other guilds didn't bite...
    perhaps there are easier ways to get money for your missions... maybe trying to sell some of your creations?

  22. So very sorry to hear about Cheri. She will be missed. Still trying to get to Victoria.

  23. I had the same thing happen here in CT. A lot guilds can't afford classes because of sign ups.
    they will be inspired by your trunk show!
    Sad news about Cheri.

  24. Sorry about the classes. That looks like a fun quilt and these folks don't know what they're missing. Classes can be expensive but for one or two a year I treat myself.

  25. Sorry about the classes and lack of sign ups. Too bad I'm not closer to Victoria, I'd love to be there for your trunk show.......but with most of the state between where I am and there it won't happen.

  26. Our guild likes classes so much we have to have a lottery to see who gets to take them! Sorry that doesn't help you with all of us being on the beach in NC. Love your work and bet your workshops are so much fun...maybe another "window" of opportunity will open since this :door" has shut. Feeling so sad about Cheri.

  27. My my, it has indeed been a bummer Monday for you..... I live in Texas but no where close to Victoria.... I write this on Tuesday... may it be a great Spring day for us ALL.

  28. Please don't take it personal, I'd sign up in a minute to hear you speak and teach a class. I love your pink and navy quilt. Remember those April showers bring May flowers.

  29. Wow so many comments. I hope you get to read them all. I wish I lived closer as I would take a class with you. I am a fairly 'advanced' quilter, but love taking classes. I think you can get different info from different Tutors. We have the same problem as you were stating, about getting classes filled here where I live. Very sad to hear Cheri has gone. I never bought anything from her, but always kept an eye on what she was doing. A lovely person inside and out.

  30. That's discouraging! But I bet you'll enjoy Texas in the spring and your presentation will be wonderful. As for fund raising, online raffle of a quilt or two? And I think a book about how you capture the look of our beloved antiques so perfectly would be great. Have fun and don't give up.


  31. Lori,
    I really enjoy reading your blog you keep it simple clear real ah to the point.

    It seems from the comments that quite a few guilds need to "look" at their organizations and one guild that is doing "offering" classes very well indeed

    I am also sorry to hear about the death of another dear woman to cancer, Cheri Payne. Too many taken too soon.

    Hopefully you will be able to talk to that guild that has to use a lottery to see who can attend classes

    I just know your class(s) are interesting informative and lots of fun

    I have no clue about how to promote your self to get and fill sewing/quilting classes, I wish I could help you and attend also

    From the wet west coast of the San Francisco Bay Area and we are happy to be getting wet

  32. Lori, love the little Blue Ridge quilt, hope the classes start picking up for you. We have a great shop here in very Northern Ca, Tater Patch Quilts. They do a lot of reproduction 1800's and there's a guild in Klamath Falls, Or which is very close to the quilt shop. I am so sorry to hear about Cheri, love her designs. I have one of her patterns, a sweet little basket quilt, going to start piecing it today. Have had a difficult time finding out how she was doing so even though it is sad news thank you so much for sharing.

  33. If I lived closer, I'd take a class from you. I do understand the money thing, though. As always, your quilts are beautiful. So sorry to hear of Cheri's passing.


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