Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Fun!

Many swap quilts are crisscrossing the USA and the world!

Here is my little swap quilt mailed and received by  Patricia Bargo. 

 It was modeled after this little quilt. My border fabric was a bit dark, but it did grow on me and it felt like an antique quilt. Just a gentle reminder to have your quilt in the mail before May 1st.
I have these 2 containers of various hst, shapes and sizes. I dug through these and trimmed to make the little quilt. I called it Child's Play because it reminded me of a little quilt a child might make to play with her dollies.

I hung this quilt designed by Cheri Payne. It may not feel like spring outside, 
but I can add a little spring inside.

Speaking of Cheri, I received this box of fabric I purchased from her. Unfortunately, because of her cancer she is clearing out her stash. Like other friends, the fabric I use from their sewing room will be a reminder of them when I use it.Thank you Cheri! I love it!

And my instagram feed for this week. (The book, Soldier Girls,  was one I do not recommend!) 

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I love the movement in that little quilt. It does look like child’s play

  2. The little quilts are so sweet! And you will definitely think of your friend every time you use (or see) one of her fabrics.

  3. The original appears to me to have been cut from a larger piece. You have made a wonderful replica. I like the darker border.

  4. What an interesting little swap quilt! I think your border fabric is absolutely perfect.

  5. I was wondering how you chose your design for the doll quilt and I now have my answer. Wonder if the original was part of a quilt top that never got made into a quilt.

  6. I like very much the border fabric you chose for your lovely quilt!
    Best wishes!

  7. Oh your little quilt is fabulous! Mine should be going out on Monday. Thanks for hosting this again!

  8. My little quilt turned out darker than I had in my head, but I do like how it turned out. It is heading across the pond on Monday :) I'm sorry for Cheri and that terrible cancer. I will add her to my prayers.

  9. Ooh, Love your darker version! All the bright fabrics really 'pop'.:)

  10. A box of extra pieces bits is a great start! Cute quilt and I know your swap recipient loved it.

  11. Beautiful swap quilts, fun to exchange with friends.
    It will be nice to make something with Cheri's fabrics, she will be leaving a piece of herself, in all our hearts.


  12. Oh, I love your little quilt and the border fabric is perfect! Have fun with all those fabrics. I know you'll enjoy working with them :)

  13. cute little quilt.
    enjoy the fabrics from Cheri

  14. I really like your spring quilt!
    My little quilt for the swap will be in the mail next week , I hope it will get to his destination in two weeks🤞🏻

  15. Your doll quilt is fabulous Lori ! Mine is going to travel over the ocean next week :)
    Enjoy the fabrics from Cheri ...

  16. Love your darker border, like another says it makes the triangles POP! Good contrast really makes a quilt! What a fun quilt.

  17. Both adorable quilts. This swap is always so much fun. I love seeing all of the little quilts.


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