Monday, May 21, 2018

Primitive block of the Month- Remembering Cheri

 One of the admin of Cheri's group is starting a quilt using Cheri's patterns. I thought I'd jump in.

 Gee, it looks like I have a problem already! The baskets are supposed to be sewn to the bottom of the mother/daughter.  I knew I cut the cotton basket fabric oversized but didn't realize I did it that much!

Thanks for all your fun comments about my trip! I appreciate everyone that takes the time to leave a comment on my blog.
Make it a wonderful week!


  1. How about cutting the baskets apart and taking seams between them, as if each block was on its own background...?

  2. You know what to do...add strips the Cheri way :0) Super cute, I couldn't resist either so another project under way :0). Happy sewing!

  3. I have started this as well. You can always save the baskets for another project and make a new piece.

  4. Just add strips or trim the basket strip. Cheri would have done either.

  5. I love the look of this so far. I'm sure you'll figure out how to get those baskets to work :0)

  6. Ah,just sew a strip to one side of the mother/daughter piece or maybe some half square triangles. Think, what would Cheri have done?

  7. I do love that block set and yours is beautiful. You know what Cheri would do, just add a strip to each side so it meets up;)


  8. Lori, that's a perfect "Remembering Cheri" quilt....just do what she would do....slap on borders to the "Cheri & Lucy" top part to match your basket background. That's a Cheri thing to do! Love following your making memories with your daughter trip....all the quilt inspiration was fun to see.

  9. So beautiful blocks! I agree with the others quilter... just add a stripe and go ahead!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. So cute! You got some good suggestions from others so I don't need to add any.

  11. This is driving me crazy...I piece my background, made the baskets and now I can't find them in my sewing room :0( I will probably save time by just starting over instead of spending more time looking!
    Grumble grumble grumble.........Happy Sewing!


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