Friday, July 20, 2018

Fantastic Fun on a Friday!

It's been a very busy week but also a fun one. Super busy at work. 
Farmers are at the peak of "farming season". Silly I don't know exactly what's going on around me. I do know the garlic is getting flamed, the bees are pollinating the carrot plants, hay and alfalfa are being harvested. Many farmers work in the cool of evening, meaning they work on their bale wagons, water trucks, combines, during the day. 

Anyway...... fun cause they weather has been fantastic! Sunny skies as far as the forecast will let me look. 
I love summer!

Here is a cute mail bag I made designed by Pink Chalk Studio. I should have followed the instructions and added interfacing to make it a bit more sturdy. It was simple to make and I see more on my horizon. I used it last week at the Sisters Quilt Show!

Kim B sent me some cute dresses for my next mission trip. When I hang them on the line I think of the little girls who will eventually wear them. Thank you Kim.

I signed up for my Houston classes and so can you! You can do it online, which makes it so easy! Check it out HERE. So, I signed up for the tour on Tuesday,
#201 Texas Quilt Museum, Painted church, and quilt shops tour.
And a 1/2 day class on Wednesday  #363 - Color, It's Relative with Maria Shell.
Looking forward to my classes and a week of work/fun/seeing old friends and making new friends.

Elsa and Porter have a little swimming pool to cool off in, but they really need to take turns.

Right at this moment I am enjoying the Oregon Coast! I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. I may attend this year, so maybe I will see you in Houston!

  2. cute bag! visit my quilt when you're there ---- wish I was going!

  3. I love your mail bag -you used such lovely fabrics. The dresses are all so sweet. I'm looking forward to Houston too :0)

  4. I wondered what the farmers being busy had to do with you being busy at work but now I have figured out the correlation. They need parts for their equipment and you are supplying them.
    The fabrics used for the bag are pretty. Good choice.

  5. Great bag, love the fabrics. The little dresses are darling.

    I d love to see some photos of the farms and crops in your area....[for some reason I have this idea carrots should be harvested before they bloom!].

    The dogs in their pool are so funny! Mo failed pool playing, I gave his pool away. {"If I can't sleep in it or eat it, what good is it mom?"]

    And what is the pretty flower top row of you IG feed?



  6. That does look like a fun bag. My question is, does it have pockets inside?

  7. I love the fabrics in your bag! Cute!

  8. Che belli questi abitini, e complimenti per il tuo impegno.

  9. Ahhhhh look how cute those dresses look all together, can't wait to see them on some precious children. Happy Sewing Lori!


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