Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Sisters Show- Part 2

House quilts seemed to be popular this year and they were all so charming! My photos and labels got a bit scrambled so if there isn't a label shown here, then I do not have more info.

One of my favorite teachers is Tonye Belinda Phillips and her quilts really make me smile!
 This is one of them!

This is another one of hers too.

Lollipop LollipopOh Lolli Lolli LolliLollipop LollipopOh Lolli Lolli LolliLollipop LollipopOh Lolli Lolli LolliLollipop(I couldn't help but go to Youtube and listen to this catchy tune by the Chordettes!)

I'm not sure who made the rest of these.

This lovely quilt was made by Lisa Mortell and is called Down the Rabbit Hole. 
 Can you believe this one was a round robin?!
The 2 quilts below were found as vintage tops and the owner finished them. 

Love, love, loved this one!

If you look carefully you can see the 4 footed visitor looking for a handout at the farm stand!

You never know what you'll find in Sisters, Oregon!! 

Take care. I hope you all are having a fantastic week. 


  1. What lovely quilts--I LOVE Tonye's quilts--I have her book and read and re-read it a lot.
    Such a unique style--thanks again for sharing your adventures hugs, Julierose

  2. So fun to see the Sisters quilt show each year through your blog, thanks for sharing!

  3. I Love each one! Lollipop, lollipop!!! My favorite is the farm stand visitor, however!

  4. Tonye's quilts make me smile too!

  5. Thank you! Tonye's quilts are marvelous.

  6. There really were a lot of house quilts!
    I was singing right along on the Lollipop song. :)
    Love those vintage tops that were finished. I have a few vintage tops, but have been hesitant about machine quilting them. I know I would never get them finished by hand. So for now they hang over my loft railing, as is.
    That last photo is a hoot!

  7. I adore that second quilt with the lovely applique. And that last quilt? What a fantastic find for that quilter! Thanks so much for sharing.:)

  8. Fun quilts, a house quilt is on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks so much for all the photos, love seeing the beautiful quilts. Looks like your having a great time and great weather. Have fun & keep up the great posting!!!

  10. Great pictures!! I met Tonye Phillips in the street at the show and am now more motivated than ever to take one of her classes! Love all the houses... and lollipops?? Who can resist!!

  11. Love seeing the quilts and the houses are fun and so versatile, I can see why it is a popular design.


  12. I am smiling because you didn't photograph the same quilts as Randy !
    All the quilts are colourful and beautiful !

  13. Thanks for more Sisters show quilts! That lolly pop one is really cute! Lots of fun quilts. We are in WA for a few days and I will share photos when we get home.

  14. Lots of fun, colorful quilts. I would never have guessed that quilt was a round robin--so creative!

  15. the last photo!!! you posted some quilts that I missed!! beautiful day with beautiful friends :)

  16. It's always fun to see what's hanging at the Sister's show.

  17. Those house quilts are so fun. I have been contemplating a funky, scrappy house block quilt

  18. thanks for sharing such fun and happy quilts!

  19. I saw the photo of my quilt on Pinterest and followed the link back to your blog. So happy you liked my quilt enough to put it on your blog. My name is Lisa Mortell and the Down the Rabbit Hole quilt is mine. Sisters was a great time hope to go back next year.


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