Monday, July 9, 2018

Garments and Hiking

Here is one of the fabrics I chose to make my education dept garment. I'm making a shift dress, more like a tunic. Do I pre-wash garment fabric? I'm assuming I would since my whole dress will shrink if I don't! Thoughts?

Another adventurous weekend for me. 
 We did our first backpacking trip. It was supposed to be a somewhat "easy" loop that would give us a chance to check our equipment and test out packs/sleeping bags/ bodies.
 Our packs were about 30-35 pounds- we hiked about 6.7 miles the first day, set up camp.

And hiked about 7.6 yesterday including hiking through this barren hot burn area from a fire last year. 

It was amazing, but the trail wasn't an "easy" loop by any means!

No sewing was done this weekend as I didn't bring anything that wasn't completely necessary. 

Stay cool and have a great week!


  1. Yes prewash your fabric! It's been ages since I made a garment. It must be hard to keep a proper seam allowance!

  2. What!?! Sewing wasn't completely necessary!?! Lol I would definitely prewash - good luck with your dress :0)

  3. My, but you have a lot of energy! Good for you. Do it while you can.

  4. Yes, definitely prewash!! Shrinkage adds character and texture to quilts. We don’t really want that in our clothes (our personalities add the character to our clothes....LOL)....Wash and dry it!

  5. What pattern are you using for this tunic dress? I have a couple in mind for myself, but I haven't committed to a purchase yet.

  6. Looks like you had a very successful backpacking trip! Are you now going to go again??
    BRAVO to you, Cory and Michelle! (and Porter and Elsa, of course)

  7. Yes, prewash. Then you can make a garment that will fit and not make you self-conscious because it's snug. Also, it will take the sizing out and will help the garment breathe (it won't be as hot).

  8. I always prewash garment fabric in the same way that I am planning to wash once the garment is sewn.
    Lots of garment sewing going on in blogland these days

  9. We always prewashed garment fabric back in our making clothes instead of quilts days!:)

  10. Don't you love the variation that can be discovered
    in the word "easy"!! Congrats on your "test the equipment" hike -- looking forward to seeing more!!

  11. I prewash my garment fabric, don't want it shrinking after the fact.

  12. Great fabrics for the tunic. I always prewash my garment fabric because I don't want it shrinking after the garment is complete.

  13. Hi Lori. Looks like another fun adventure for you on this hike.
    Prewash please. It will remove the chemicals in the sizing. You don't want them on your skin.
    Also shrinkage like everybody mentioned.

  14. ALWAYs pre-wash fabrics for clothing. I'd even machine wash the dry clean only fabrics before making them into clothing which I sewed for years. It was a cheaper maintenance besides an easier care than running to the dry cleaners constantly.

    Love that youre both enjoying the outdoors. Mh husband and I were becoming 46ers in the Adirondacks when life happened and it was impossible. That was 2004 when we outfitted ourselves with the REI light weight camping gear, tents, earth mats.... to try it all out. It's all still sitting in a box and hopefully someday I'll live that dream now hes had a heart transplant.

  15. I'm guessing by now you have determined to prewash the fabric. :)
    Looks like an incredible hike!

  16. I get the feeling you do not enjoy sewing clothes!? It seems a bit demanding of the event that not only do you give your time and attention free, but you must also sew something you do not enjoy and will never wear again? If the reason is show off new fabric lines, maybe mass produced butcher aprons and or/ totes would be a more pleasing way to do so. If you all wear your freebie aprons people will know that you all are volunteers.

    PS Coming from a garment industry background and having sewed my own clothes since age 7 or 8, I NEVER prewash before sewing. The finish of the unwashed fabric makes it stiffer and crisper and much easier to handle, with better results. Plus you don't get that tired washed faded look on something brand new. Then when you wash, use cold and light spin and color catchers if you're worried. Don't dry to death, just fluff and hang to finish, touch up w iron if need be.


  17. definitely prewash.
    how great that you have so many good hiking opportunities around you.


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