Friday, July 13, 2018

Fun on a Friday!

It would be way more fun if I would have had a chance to sew this week, but I am grateful our business is staying busy and putting food on the table for several families.
 I've been enjoying the outside more too now that the weather is summery!! I may switch to posting 2x week for the next couple of months.
 Little bits and pieces of the Sweet Land of Liberty quilt. 

This is a quilt by Country Threads I made in 2001 and was quilted by Bonnie Hunter (when she still quilted as a business) It is a favorite quilt of mine. And I found the book the other day and it will be for sale next week, right here on my blog. with some others.

Here is a generous stack of goodies that  Donna sent to me for my next mission trip. It won't be until 2019 but I'll be ready! That is also why I'm starting early with the book sale as a fundraiser. Thank you so much Donna!!
See what I mean by summery weather? The one thing I appreciate is we have very low humidity in Central Oregon. The Sisters show will be a hot one, but that is pretty normal for mid July. Most of the time it is in the 90's. Just need to cover up and drink lots of water. I'm so excited!

Here's my Instagram feed for this week. It's been a good week!

And here is my son in Alaska showing us a biggy king salmon. He is working setting nets for Kenai Cannery until the end of the month. 

Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends!!


  1. A busy - and HOT - summer week! Enjoy every minute of it. Here is SD we've had similar temps but with high humidity so it has felt like Florida, but without the beach to enjoy. LOL

  2. Uhm....that's hot. Lol

    Hoping you get lots of sewing done today. I actually sewed last night and am actually making progress on the s.a.l. I just need a separate space from my office

  3. What a cool picture of your son and that huge fish! I'm sorry you haven't had time to stitch :0( I hope that changes. Have fun at Sisters!

  4. Excited about your next mission :0). We have a resale store that sells pillowcases, the really cute ones will be dresses and the so so ones will be doggy beds filled with scraps from my quilt guild :0)
    I do hope you get some sewing time in too, but yes business comes first. Thanks for all you do Lori. Happy Sewing as I will get some time on my Sweet Land of Liberty!

  5. I used to have the book with the garden quilt pattern. I started with the chair and made a couple other blocks and then lost interest for some reason. No longer have the pattern set.
    My son worked for a fish cannery in Alaska at one time.

  6. Your Country Threads quilt was one I was going to make years ago and never got started. Lovely, lovely quilt! I adore your 'Freedom' letters too.:)

  7. Wow! That is some fish!! I will be watching for your book sale - hope I don't forget! I can't handle the heat, so I won't be going to Sisters. I would love to go, but when I think about the heat, I realize it's good to stay home in air conditioning. I hope lots of pictures will be posted.

  8. I can appreciate a slower pace for the summer. Love the busyness of the Country Threads quilt and the photo of your son.

  9. Very hot too in France but it's summer no ? ;)
    Your quilt is soo beautiful and quilted by Bonnie ! Wow !!
    Enjoy your summer Lori ! I wish you a wonderful show at Sisters !

  10. That is a great quilt, Lori!
    I didn't realize your area got that hot. We are in the low to mid 90s--and we are dry as well. We don't usually hit 100 until late July/early August.
    One day I may actually make it to the Sisters show, and I may have to stay at the park under the shade of a tree. :)
    What a great shot of your son with the salmon. Impressive fish, and gorgeous backdrop!

  11. Hi Lori, I stumbled onto your blog a few days ago. No way to remember where I wandered from. Anyway, I'm in Redmond visiting family and headed over to Sisters this morning. Was lovely while it was still early and cool but it got warm quickly. Lots of lovely quilts. I noted a lot of modern quilts, more than I would have expected. I'll be keeping tabs.

  12. Oh my gosh, that is one huge fish!

    I love your Country Threads quilt! I think it's wonderful! I'm still in process on a couple of them. I have most of the Country Thread books, as I love their patterns, whether pieced or applique.

    I guess I'll quit whining about 91* today! I couldn't take that kind of heat without A/C!

    Enjoy the Sisters show! Wish I could have gone too. Maybe one day.


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