Friday, August 10, 2018

Fun on Friday!

 I knew I'd have to remedy the "no handwork" situation.  I found this fun embroidery that I started in a class with Kaari of  French General.

Here's what it looks like when it isn't a wrinkled mess! It's really fun to work on. 

Gay has released another set of Dear Daughter blocks. You can get them HERE Love the inked names with sayings and the year. 

My son is arriving back to the lower 48 very early this morning.

If you missed it, he's been in Kenai, Alaska setting fish nets for a cannery. His girlfriend flew up a few days ago and they are exploring together before coming home to Oregon. 

This was a king salmon he was showing us. WOW! My son isn't super tall but that is a really big fish!



  1. Wow, that is a big fish! I love your embroidery. I have never seen a hoop like that before.

  2. That's such a great picture of your son. Your embroidery is wonderful!!

  3. Great photos of your son! Wouldn't we all love to have that salmon in our freezers!

  4. That is a big fish!! Enjoy his homecoming.

  5. I remember that embroidery piece. I think it's time to work on it again!

  6. That is a beautiful embroidery piece.
    Is your son finished working in Alaska, or will he be going back?
    We have had a lot of friends and children of friends move to Alaska for good.

  7. That is a beautiful stitchery and you are doing a beautiful job on the stitching.
    That is one big fish, must be fun to explore new places for work and enjoy the beauty of Alaska.


  8. My son when he was in college spent a summer at the salmon cannery. What your son is/was doing in the salmon industry is such go money, it is for the young however. I was able to find your magazine such a very nice article.

  9. Your embroidery is beautiful. Wow, that is a lot of fish.

  10. that fish is AMAZING!! I grew up fishing.
    that embroidery is so pretty.

  11. You've gotten really good at that embroidery! VERY impressive.
    And Kenny's catch is crazy. Hope he'll bring you some fish when they come back.
    I bet he had a great adventure!
    I'm around this week if you can meet for lunch?

  12. What a fish! Your embroidery project is so pretty. I agree it’s important to have that handwork available!


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