Monday, November 19, 2018

Paradise: How We Can Help

So many heartbreaking stories coming out of California. I'm not sure why this tragedy has pulled on my heartstrings so much. Maybe it is because when I was young we had a housefire. I don't remember that much about it just that I was at a neighbors and there were two big BOOMS and we all ran into the yard to see what it was and the woman said, "It's Betty's house!" (That was my mom) I was so young I don't remember much after that except crying in their yard and they wouldn't let me go home. Regardless of my past the stories coming from Paradise are miraculous and devastating. 

I know I mentioned it in the Facebook group but I found out a fellow quilter and friend drove a school bus full of children through the fire and flames, I kind of lost it! You can read about it HERE, 
A few of us on the Facebook group sent a few things to get her stitching again. 

Some stuff I unpacked from Houston directly into her care package with the instructions to pass them along whatever she may not be interested in. 

We all know how therapeutic that can be! Darling little project she was working on.

I've been in touch with some friends in the area and most of the Paradise Ridge Quilters have lost everything! As of a few days ago 98 out of 100 were in that count. Many are seniors and widows because Paradise was a retirement community. 

Honey Run Quilters is a store in Chico and I have been in contact with them and a couple of other friends in the area.  This is what I have proposed on the Humble Quilts facebook group and propose to you:

Right now Honey Run quilt shop is collecting quilts, notions, completed pillowcases, and fabric for the Paradise quilters who have lost everything.
I would love for us to give in a collective way, rather than one box here one box there (which is still great because it will go to people in need). I am considering accepting packages and cards at my home and making a personal delivery to Honey Run Quilt shop with all the goods. Visa gift cards would be fantastic too. If you want to purchase a gift certificate from Honey Run Quilts that is possible too. They will be given to the quilters who are in need of a project and will be given 20% off as well.
Zippy little bags for notions or hand projects will be welcome too.
If you want to send cash or checks 100% will go to the Paradise quilters who have been completely burned out. (I will personally make sure!)
Here is my mailing address:
Lori DeJarnatt
1095 SE Pecos Drive
Madras, OR 97741
If you would rather send a package to Honey Run Quilters: 2418 Cohasset Rd, Chico, CA 95926

I'm pretty sure these quilts will help keep some people warm!

I was told pillows (to go with the pillowcases), umbrellas, lawnchairs and tote bags/back packs to keep  belongings in are other items they can use. These are nearly impossible to mail, but if I get enough donations to drive to Chico,(It's a fairly easy drive, less than 7 hours) I'll pick some of the bulkier items up on the way.

Feel free to share my blog post with as many people as you'd like!

THANK YOU! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

PS, Here's another amazing opportunity to help- HERE 


  1. I will see what I can do. Those quilts are lovely and will make many families very happy.

    Your compassion and generous heart is amazing my friend!

  2. Good lady, Lori! I will send something to you in the morning. I heard the mayor's interview and it struck me down to my soul!

  3. I think this is a wonderful thing and I actually have a new backpack purse that I decided was to bulky for me, but might be perfect to fill with some fabrics and other items for a quilter. Thank you for always being so compassionate for others and inspiring others to help as well.


  4. I'm going to check with my local guild to see if they want to get in on this with Humble Quilts or do it on their own! Thanks for getting the ball rolling!

  5. I have been looking for a group effort to help So Cal. I will send something to you asap.

  6. Oh, my bad, Chico is in northern CA. Sorry about that.

  7. I saw on TV this disaster... what sadness in California..
    I'm afraid I'm a little bit too far to help those poor people but I will pray for them.
    Your action is full of kindness, generosity and empathy....

  8. I am happy to pull fabric and supplies together for this cause. Should I send my flat rate box directly to them - I know I can fill a good sized box, that way you don't have to deal with it?

  9. Dear Lori,
    Thank you so much for linking to my Sew'n Wild Oaks blog. I moved to Paradise in 1952 and I still owned my family home. My renters got out in time, but they lost everything. I only lost a house, they lost their home. Thank you so much for your effort to help the good people of Paradise.
    Take care,
    Lynn Wilder

  10. Thanks Lori! I sent Brandie a hand work package even though I didn't have a last name so I hope it gets there. I linked up today with Lynn Wilder who is raffling one of her quilts for Paradise. I will send some supplies to Honey Run Quilters as soon as I can. I can't imagine how they must feel.

  11. I will be most happy to gather what I can and send it along. My own dear Mother-in-law died as a result of a housefire in 1987. It has been such a helpless feeling seeing what is happening in California - your efforts to have quilters helping quilters will be appreciated and to bring the Paradise stitchers some much needed comfort. I will also send the shop contact info along to my guild.

  12. I’ll be sending some things to you to, or maybe a check, or both! Will get in the mail this weekend.

  13. You could consider raffling some of the quilts in that exceptionally beautiful stack. I know from living through Hurricane Sandy, that repair and rebuild takes years and a lot of money and patience; folks here are still rebuilding homes, roads still need work, and so on, six years later. Any contribution including raffle donations will be desperately needed and appreciated.
    The idea of these ladies, some elderly and/ or widowed breaks my heart.



    1. Also--could you set up a Paypal fund and sidebar button so we could donate directly?

  14. I'm sending you a sewing machine it's an older PFAFF but should run for years more.
    Is that ok to send that directly to you?

  15. Love your idea of how to help.:)

  16. I have been helping a fellow herbalist, Jules, who lost her herbalist business and home in Paradise. Seeing her saved belongings, one cloth tote bag full, was very sobering. I am glad I gave her some knitting goodies and several pairs of needles. We know how vital it is to have busy hands so that our busy minds settle down. Thank you for your suggestions to help. I have so much stuff and will send a medium priority bag to them, as well as put your link on my blog. Grateful for all of the bounty, xo

  17. Sending a small check to you today Lori. It will buy a few things. Sorry it's not more but I know that every little bit helps. Thank you for taking this on.


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