Monday, November 19, 2018

Highlight of British Isles Quilts- IQF

The highlight of my Houston Quilt show for 2018 was to see these amazing, spectacular, antique quilts of Christopher Wilson Tate from England! WOW!

Here's a taste of these beauties!

Fabric to die for!! Well, not quite, but you know what I mean.

Unbelievable fussy cutting!!

These are early, early quilts! WOW!

Humble, beautiful, spectacular border! Embrace the humble!!!

This only adds to the charm of the overall quilt, in my humble opinion. LOVE it so much!

 Look at these vibrant prints!

 Such whimsical applique shapes. Check out that appliqued star fabric!

Better than the label is his description. Wowser!! 

I love that he is working with Moda to reproduce some of these fabrics check it out HERE. 
 One of the booths I strolled through during festival was selling this sample of Ballycastle chintz backgrounds. 
Of course, they are so much more elegant in real life!

This was one of the books I considered selling at the last book sale I had, but wanted to read it again before making a decision. As soon as I got home I brought it out to go right along with the lovely English quilts! It is a very detailed book and so fascinating!

There has been a lot going on in the Humble Quilts facebook group. I'll be posting some of that on Wednesday. 
Take care friends!!


  1. WOW is right! What beautiful quilts! So glad you posted these pics! Thanks!

  2. What a treat to see these vintage beauties!

  3. This collection is so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  4. Very pretty and the red fabric is beautiful

  5. all those hours of hand work so pleased to see them shown and admired. Thanks for the mini quilt show Lori :0)

  6. Wow! Great photos of the details. And those fabrics. These beauties must have been cared for and treasured carefully to last in such perfect condition---200 years! Like a time capsule or message from the past.


  7. Thanks for the show and tell Lori. Fantastic quilts.

  8. Be still my heart...were you weak in the knees when viewing this fabulous group of quilts?! Wouldn’t it be great to make a version of the Welsh wedding quilt!! Thank you for sharing.

  9. How lovely, thankyou for sharing. I have been lucky enough to visit the Welsh quilt museum at Lampeter several times, you would have loved it. The exhibition changed every year, mostly from the collection of Jen Jones, sadly it closed this month. It's a great shame so many of these old quilts arent signed or dated. We are not far from the American museum at Bath where we recently attended a "curators" evening.

  10. I never used to like medallions much, but I find I love them more and more! thanks for posting these wonderul quilts!

  11. Love the quilts, thanks so much for sharing!


  12. Definitely some of my favorites too. I'll be interesting to see the fabrics.


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