Friday, November 16, 2018

Quilts and Friendships part 2 and Sajou winner

My room mate, Sue, worked last year in the Education Dept but we weren't roomies and worked different areas. We hit it off great! We even took a little vacation to the UK to see Stonehenge! Well, that would have been fun, but that was just Northcott's Market booth.

Because we we checking in the bus tours early in the morning we always missed the morning photo. We thought we would take one ourselves. 
Debbie was my first year roomie and we hit it off immediately. She drives to the show and we try and spend time together when our schedules are free. Look at the size of that Bernina!!!
This quilt was made by Barbara Black and I enjoy seeing her ever year too. If you don't know about her amazing journey with this quilt please read THIS and watch THIS. 
Sally had seen my color wheel post/Maria Shell quilt supply list and offered to meet me to fill me in some solids blues.  She went to market to try and generate some interest in publishing a book about some family quilts she owns. It was fun to run into her later in the week as we admired quilts. 

I first met Linda in NYC at a restaurant before the opening on the Infinite Variety quilt exhibit in 2011. It's fun to run into her when we are both in Houston. Look at her cute bag!! Oh yeah, what about those lovely quilts behind us too?!?!
I usually run into Kathy in Sisters, OR at the quilt show. It was fun to see her here.

Her husband was here too! That was my first time meeting him. Look at her new line of fabric!! This was their booth for market, then they did a presto chango and got set up for retail. Every time I went by it was super busy! Nice job Material Obsessions!!

Last May my daughter and I went to Italy and hoped we could meet Rina in her town of Catania, Sicily. It turned out to be a bit far to travel this time, so we were both disappointed. BUT, her son lives in Houston so she came to the show with her DIL and a group of ladies. We kept texting back and forth and it seemed very delayed and I was afraid I was not going to get to meet her.  But they came to the 3rd floor and found me! I was so excited!! Even though I look like a giant beside her, she was so sweet and we were so happy!!

She had planned to give this to me when I went to Sicily, but she brought it to Houston for me. Thank you lovely lady!! Meeting you was a highlight of my week!!
This is Karen from the Red Bird Quilt Co. I had actually met her earlier but we didn't take a photo together. I took this when she was doing the Saturday Sampler. What you don't see is that there is a big crowd sitting in front of her while she does a demo. Super talented lady! I saw her several times and she was working hard every time!!! 

And as I was down "supervising"  Open Studio Janet and Kyle came by! It was so awesome to meet you in person although it was short and sweet. 
Carolyn Forster and I met in Portland in 2013. 
 She taught classes every day of the week in Houston this year! I guess if you are going to come all the way from the UK you may as well make it worth your time. She would sit in the teachers "lounge" which was in the Education Room so I would get a chance to chat with her nearly every day. I was starting to feel a little like a stalker! LOL

Look what she presented to me! I cannot believe how she is knocking out the books! 4 books published in 2018!! I'm pretty sure next year I need to sign up for one of her classes. Thank you Carolyn!!

My daughter and I were on our way back from Italy in May and we happened to run into Carolyn at Heathrow! So funny!!

This is a RR crossing quilt designed by Cindy Blackberg. Some time ago a blog reader, Donna,  told me her quilt got into the show and here it is! I had sent her a swatch of fabric from the one I made. 
Way to go Donna!! It was so beautiful hanging!!

I just barely got all the way unpacked but wanted to say thank you again, Janet, for this lovely bag. I have it on the coffee table right now holding my hand quilting supplies. I just love it!

If you have made it this far, YAY! the winner of the French General/ Sajou items is KYLE of Timeless Reflections! Quilt #30. Please send me your address and I'll get your winnings on the way.

Have a super weekend!!


  1. yay another fun report from Houston! thanks lori! that railroad crossing quilt is fabulous. Did jill make a quilt with the same colors? ? and similar design?

  2. That is the second time I know of that Cindy Blackberg's Railroad Crossing quilt was at the Houston show. I was with her the first time as she had won the Jewel Pierce Patterson award and was presenting her student's quilts as part of her obligation for the award. Myself and some of Cindy's other students made the trip to see our quilts hanging there (and see the whole show, of course).
    You certainly got to see or meet several quilters you have had contact with over the years. How fun! Do you plan on going back next year?

  3. Congrats to Kyle--
    Lori, I loved this post--seeing all those lovely people you've had the pleasure to meet and get to know--how wonderful...P.S. the RR is my favorite of all the quilts shown that cheddar hugs, Julierose

  4. What a great post! That Railroad Crossing quilt is unbelievable!

  5. I enjoyed your interesting post, I did smile about Stonehenge! I live near Stonehenge, so I will think of you when I drive past :-) Maybe you will have the chance to visit in real life one day. It is overwhelming how huge it is and you can real feel the subtle vibrations of the place.

  6. How fun that you met up with Kyle, and then she is your winner! :)
    You sure were busy posing for photos in Houston. Look at all those friends! You are well loved, Lori!

  7. So great to connect with so many people! You sure had a busy week! Congrats to Kyle - I know she will put those FG fabrics to good use :0)

  8. Oh, my gosh. I was enjoying all your post and got to the surprised ending. Thank you!

  9. You got to meet up with so many friends at Houston ... isn't that what quilting is all about anyhow? Connections and reconnections. Love Barbara Black's blog too. See? We're all connected one way or another us quilters!! Lol! Congratulations, Kyle!

  10. Hi Lori
    Thanks for saying hi to my Railroad Crossing quilt at Houston and putting a picture of it on your blog!
    You got to meet up with many wonderful people at the show. What fun.

    Donna K


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