Monday, December 17, 2018

Friendship, Comfort and Quilts

  I received the cutest little ornament from a boy whose family works in the garbage dump in Guatemala. He is trying to go to school so he can change his future.
Kelley sent me this adorable gorgeous hooked mat! This is much larger than it looks in the photo- it is about 14" across so lots of time into making this. Thank you Kelley- it is a gift that I will treasure!! 

I was involved in a swap earlier this year and my swap partner remembered me this holiday! Thank you Elizabeth!! It's a notepad and it is so unique and lovely.

If you are in my facebook group I've shared where a few of our donated quilts have gone. 
This is one of them. 
And I've mentioned trying to enter a blue and white quilt for exhibit with Quilts, Inc. Now is the time to enter! Check it out HERE.

If you are not in my Facebook group and would like to join, jump on over HERE! I haven't published any books or patterns, don't have anything to sell, but I like to think we support each other and have a fun time! Thanks! Have a wonderful week!


  1. What a wonderful Christmas card from a sweet little boy! And, thank you for sharing where some of these quilts are going. I know they are all appreciated, but it is nice to see the recipients in person. Merry Christmas.

  2. The ornament is so sweet. What a treasure! And your blue and white quilt is stunning.

  3. That is a very special ornament!! You have touched many lives in the trips you have taken. That's a wonderful hooked mat - a beautiful gift. So lovely to know your quilts are being used and appreciated :0)

  4. A heartwarming post, Lori.
    Beautiful blue/white quilt. I have no 2 color quilts that would qualify to enter the exhibit, but I love blue /white quilts. Will enjoy seeing photos of the blue/white treasures people enter.

  5. I think that ornament is the most precious gift, one could receive and so wonderful that he is able to go to school to improve his life. Love seeing the quilts, and I think that is such a great gift to give those who lost everything, something made with love and something they can carry to their new homes someday.


  6. Awesome ornament, cool hooked mat and cute notepad. All are amazing! Very beautiful quilts as well! Enjoy your holidays!! :-) :-)

  7. so touching! what a little treasure!!
    You make such a big difference in the lives of others.

  8. A new treasure for your Christmas tree! Your new mat is beautiful. Seriously love your blue and white quilt...I have a bunch of blue fabrics right now and a bolt of white fabric...this may be my new leader/ender project!!!


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