Wednesday, December 19, 2018

1857 Quilt and Dear Daughter

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you know I'm a big fan of Gay at Sentimental Stitches. Her patterns are amazing and she has done a bit of digging on the history of them which gives them added appeal.
I've done Beyond the Cherry Tree, Benjamin Biggs, Just takes 2, and 1857 Album Quilt. I've been saving the Dear Daughter blocks and December is the last month! Make sure you pick up your set HERE.
If anybody ever sees a reproduction blue like this, or one that could pass as a reproduction, please let me know. For as old as the quilt is the blue fabric is so vivid! It makes this quilt extra charming!
A month or so ago I put the BBiggs blocks up and shared a photo on the Facebook group. After arranging and re-arranging I realized I needed to make more blocks. When I started looking at the patterns they were looking very familiar, so....

 I dug around some more and found these! Some needed a bit more applique, but I was grateful to have them mostly finished.
I've finished these 4 recently and have another stack to complete! I doubt I'll end up making all of the blocks, but enough to call it a quilt to cover up with. 

Gay will be starting another project in 2019 and I look forward to seeing what she will share.

Friday we are talking string quilts again. I hope you have found a pattern you want to make.


  1. I have found a pattern...just need to figure the background fabric...looking forward to Friday's post...
    Love that Dear girl block--so pretty...I will check out my blues...hugs, julierose

  2. I am contemplating a string quilt. I have made a few and I think I still have a bin filled with strips

  3. I'm planning on making BH's String X quilt. Her site has several free string-block quilt patterns. It was hard to choose one! I think this will be a good beginner stringer!

  4. Wow, finding a dozen or so AWOL blocks must have been a very happy moment!
    The diamonds in the corners of the blocks create a really fun pattern when the blocks are all sewn together.
    That is a really pretty blue. I see nothing quite like it in my stash. :(
    There is an old UFO string quilt lurking somewhere in the back of my closet. I love the look, but don't love the process.

  5. I love your BB quilt! I have two strings quilts all planned out!

  6. [ Repost due to typos]Gay is so generous! I couldn't make Dar Daughter unless I had that blue setting fabric, so beautiful and different! [but I saved the patterns.]. The string quilt is a design challenge! I made a Pinterest board with my favorite ideas, but how to choose? And I don't have even ONE string, sigh.

  7. So glad you found those blocks before you either made a smaller quilt, or remade them. It will be a very cherished quilt when you finish it. Does a pineapple block quilt count as a string quilt? I guess it’s not really strings, but strips. I’d like to start one next year and thought I’d use your sew along for motivation.

  8. I am finally sitting down to read my friends blogs. You are an absolute angel on earth! Thanks for your friendship and everything you do for quilters across the globe. Your love for humanity is immortal!

  9. There were Prussian Blues in an older fabric line called The Merchant's Wife by Terry Clothier Thompson. Not a solid fabric but stripes with yellow and one with flowers. Not exactly what you're looking for but maybe it's something that you could make work and someone would be willing to part with some from their stash.

  10. So glad you found the missing blocks. That sounds like something I would do! I'm a fan of Gay @sentimental stitches too. Have you ever joined her monthly member access plan? I would love to, but already have too many projects going. French General sometimes has a blue in that range. A new line is due in a few months that has some blue, but it might be too dark. I am making my DD quilt with green, red, pearl color ranges & will have a big quilt for Christmas. I haven't started my 1857 quilt, but have started tracking down the patterns from my three devices & server! Happy Christmas Wishes!


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