Friday, February 8, 2019

Fickle Friday

A little of this and that today-
***For some unknown reason I stopped receiving comments in my email on Monday. I really thought nobody liked the French General little quilt! LOL Which would have been completely okay. I quilt for myself and what I like. But I was happy to see there were comments on that post! I  think Google did some updating, and once I went to settings, email, and added my email address to comment notification email and confirmed the email, I was back in business! If you have noticed the same thing, that's how it can be remedied.

***I showed a close up on Facebook of the orphan quilt top border so I thought I'd share it here. It is from my late friend Jill's stash. Thank you for your sweet comments on that quilt! I really enjoyed making it, but doubt my design abilities.

***I have heard from several of you that you are unable to leave comments. Sometimes that happens to me as well and these are few things I try and do. Make sure I'm logged into Google or hit preview first, see if your comment is there, then hit publish. I had this problem more with my phone than with my desktop. If all else fails, feel free to email me your comment.

I got a backing made for a quilt to send to CA. 

The dark green plaid is a bit heavier- flannel? I hope it quilts up with the other pieces. As usual, I didn't have enough of one fabric. 

It is for this quilt that I made from Diane Knott's book. 

I made the binding too so all will be ready to quilt and finish. 

More hand written backing projections..... Anybody else do this? With adding 8" to length and width for machine quilting my backing needed to be 58x68. If you scroll back up you can see the backing is like my sketch. Always good when it works out! 

Here's a bit of what I'm doing if I'm not at work:
Trying to stay warm (not like many of you had with high winds and below zero temps) Not sure why  winter waited until February to show itself!

Elsa doesn't seem to mind. 

Please go outside with me!

 And play with this frozen tennis ball!
Sometimes Porter likes it, but his age is showing and sometimes he just wants to stay in, 

When the sun is shining they both like to soak up a few rays.
My Instagram feed for the past week! A real mixed bag!

Have a wonderful weekend!! 


  1. I think your design skills are great! I love seeing what you do!

  2. Sorry we haven't chatted in a while! I see why now! Busy, busy, busy! It was almost 70 degrees here this past weekend, and now we have a high of 14. Oh, Missouri!

  3. I do the same type diagrams for backings. I don't like to have to piece backings, but I just about never have enough to cover the whole back. I love that "squares" top!

  4. Another great quilt--you're definitely on a roll! I love that patriotic fabric but should give you a heads up because when I used it the red was a problem. So nice to see your wonderful dogs enjoying the cold weather :)

  5. I think some of those blocks in the patriotic piece came from me. Am I remembering right?

  6. What a great border fabric!
    I end up with a lot of backs like that, too--and that is exactly how I work them out on paper. I don't enjoy the process of piecing backs, but I enjoy even less paying for enough of one fabric to cover the back! Love that plaid quilt!
    You have two very beautiful dogs!

  7. My dog likes the cold and the snow too. When it was -20, I saw him rolling in the snow. Of course I was cold just watching him from the window!

  8. I am not looking forward to the snow in our weekend forecast. I want to Hibernate! Winter is so fickle. I had ano issue with comments a while ago. Some comments won't show, I got a Google message on my Blog starting March 4th. No open ID, and Google+ comments.

  9. Google keeps changing things, I hope our blogs aren't the next thing they get rid of! Of course we loved the thimble quilt, silly you! Today's modern boxes quilt is wonderful too. I am always impressed with your pieced backs, thanks for the detailed how to.

    I love seeing your dogs. Maybe Porter has the right idea if it's both snowy AND cold? Mo likes the sun too, I had to put the deck chair cushions out the other day. It was like 15 degrees, but he was giving me the pug glare.

  10. We don't get snow but my dog loves the sun. I always ask him if he's getting his tan on. lol

  11. i do the same simple sketches. love seeing your dogos. wish we had snow.

  12. I haven't been getting my comments either so will try your solution--hope it works! Love the plaid quilt--so cozy!

  13. I keep a studio journal with pages dedicated to each quilt project. That's where I figure out my backings, which often look like the one you've made for this quilt of yours. I have a stack of quilts with bindings made but I can't move them to the finish line because of a shoulder injury. So frustrating! At least one of them is earmarked for CA.

  14. Thats what I do for my backings Lori. I figured why buy fabric for backings, when I have all this stash to use up! I have lots of bits of paper with numbers written down. I wish I was more like Magpie Sue and write them in a book!

  15. Pieced backings are the perfect solution! Especially when you are quilter with a precious stash that has built up over time like so many of us. I have that same patriotic fabric and have yet to find a use for it...someday...don’t even get me started on the issues with blogger/Google and Google + - this past week was one glitch after the other & I ended up copying and pasting all my lost comments in the post. Looks really weird but at least I could acknowledge people taking time to leave a comment. My own posts are written on iPad Pro which has always been “squirrely” with blogger. Frustrating. Love your pups - they do enjoy the snow but you can’t beat a morning in June!

  16. I always draw out my backings exactly like you basic, right?
    And I do love the blocks you made form Diane Knott's book... I might have to take a look at it.

  17. that will make a nice manly quilt. Brrr, you got colder than we did. We are in NE central OR, east of you, south of Hermiston. Hope you can stay warm!

  18. I've had the same problem recently. Couldn't figure out what was going on! And also, my link list on the blog hasn't been updating very well. Finally cleared the cookies on my computer and now it's doing better. So frustrating to miss other peoples recent posts! I really like the look of your DK quilt. So cozy looking. I do the same thing when figuring out my backings. I rarely buying large enough yardage for the entire back so will scrounge around for smaller pieces to make it all large enough!


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