Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Linky Up! String Quilt progress!

 Looking at my string quilt in black and white helps me lay it out correctly. It's been a bit tricky for me!
 In one block, my lights are actually dark- probably started chatting and forgot what I was doing!
It was fun to go through Bonnie's bag of strings.
Glasses? math?

 Lighthouses? Fun!!
Here's 40 blocks on the basket weave quilt. 

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

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  1. Stringing right along. Looks great Lori.

  2. Lots accomplished! I love looking at strings and finding fun images like the math and lighthouses and eye glasses.

    Mine are all ready, was hoping for a brighter day to take their pics but no. I ll post and link later today despite the April--no, May!---gloom. So fun!



  3. fun string pieces! love the little surprises

  4. Both your string projects are growing well. I love the special neutral strings from your time sewing with Bonnie - they're fun and they will remind you of your adventures with her :0)

  5. I love both of your string tops, but especially the basket one, there's something about the setting fabric that really appeals to me. A love of Butterscotch pudding maybe?

  6. So interesting to see the strings in black and white! I've ignored my strings for another month. Just being a slacker I guess.:)

  7. Gorgeous! Basket Weave is striking but I particularly like the subtly of Zig Zag. Keep plugging along!

  8. I love your basket weave. The uneven scraps sizes makes it so much more lively than a rail fence quilt.

  9. Thanks, Lori. I love seeing everyone's progress and the many ways to make a string quilt. My log cabin can be seen here, but I can't link because it insists on 3rd party cookies, and I don't do them.


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