Monday, May 20, 2019

Marvelous Monday

I got a bit of sewing done over the weekend but it is my string quilt and won't share that until next week. 
I started to gather my quilts for next month's lecture. I would like to bring my newer quilts so will be changing up the lecture.  I thought while I was going through quilts I'd hang a few ones too. 

This springy/summery quilt was designed by Cheri Payne. 

We have this old tv stand that I use to store some quilts in. Once when my son's friend came home with him from college, he said "oh a TV" then he opened it and only said "quilts". He was obviously disappointed!! 

I'll be getting more organized this week.

Here are a few I will be hanging up around the house. 

I've picked this handquilting back up for a few nights. Feels good to be working on it again.

The last hike we went on in Zion was full of amazing flowers! I can't help but think that mother nature sure knows how to combine colors!
Those red paintbrush seem to be growing from the rock face!

Always pack your headlamp, because you'll never know how fast the sun will set!!

On May 29th we will be sharing our Spencer Museum Quilt (even if it doesn't have anything to do with the museum! LOL) 
May 31 we will be sharing our string quilts. 

3 swap quilts are in overseas transit. I'm crossing my fingers these last few will make it to their destination. So far on the linky party there are 73 links. I hope you've taken a peek! There are some beauties! Great job this year friends!!


  1. I’ve been falling for Cheri Payne quilts more and more, thanks to you! Do you know what this one is called?
    Love all of the flower photos—what glory it must have been to see in person!

  2. Mother Nature is beautiful and so clever than humans !!
    Thank you again for the swap Lori ! All the quilts are stunning !
    Well the goal for next year is to reach 100 ! ;)

  3. I love your first string quilt...pattern by Cheri, quilt by you!! Flowers...and then pictures of real, love, love!

  4. Beautiful quilts! I love how you can hang them over the railing to display. And those wildflowers! Did you time your trip just to see them in bloom, such diverse beauty/

  5. A far better use for a TV cabinet I'd say!

  6. I have a TV cabinet something like yours, but it is from the 50s--housed my parents' first TV. I do keep a small TV and DVD player in it, but quilts are a great idea!
    You seemed to have hit the park at just the right time for the flowers!

  7. HA ha!! I can just picture it (your son's friend) :-)
    I would love to see your trunk show, Lori. Any chance of coming down to California?
    Nature is truly amazing, isn't it?

  8. Lori bonitos edredones, puedo imaginar la sorpresa del amigo de tu hijo.
    Ese mueble mucho mejor con edredones que con television.
    Preciosas flores, gracias por compartir

  9. Beautiful quilts--and flowers! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Your quilts make for such a classic folky decor. Gorgeous wildflowers too!

  11. Your house is a quilt heaven~~~
    loved seeing the photos from your hike. Beautiful Desert flowers - wow!
    yay for hand quilting

  12. Old suitcases make good display pieces filled with arranged quilts. Wish I had a stack myself.

  13. Thanks for sharing, Lori. Such lovely quilts. I would definitely not have been disappointed if I opened your TV cabinet with all those quilts!

  14. Love seeing the pics of how you decorate with quilts. I don't really have enough in the smaller sizes to rotate for the seasons and holidays, but I love having them draped over the back of our living room furniture. It feels good to a quilter to look up from what we're doing and see quilts. Very comforting.:)

  15. The Cheri Payne quilt is beautiful as was all the floral pictures. I would love to do as much hiking as you do! My dog & I do our daily 2.5 mile walk but that is it .... so far! Lol! Looking forward to the string quilts sharing coming up!

  16. Love seeing your quilt decorating!


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