Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Double Four Patches Once More!

Many of you were asking about the quilt I am making the double 4 patches for, so I thought I'd share with you.
 A double four patch is a very straightforward and simple block. Here's the EQ directions for a 4" finished block.
Red Crinoline designed this fun setting using the db four patch block. There quilt pattern is called Wilderness Road HERE is the pattern. 
I'm packing for Ohio and I do not recall what their block size is. I think it is 6" finished, which was larger than we wanted.  A simple block starts to look a bit clunky if it is very big. 
(my very humble opinion) Three of us are exchanging blocks to give us a wider variety of fabric in our quilt. I'm hoping to start working on it while I'm away, but who knows!

Lizzy, Gone to the Beach, is so good at sharing what's blooming in her neighborhood, I thought I'd share a little portion of my back yard.  
Clematis, a deer favorite! (I spray repellent to keep them away- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't)

 I just noticed Cory wrapped my coreopsis. The deer can, and will, taste those too, but I think he wrapped it to keep from mowing over them.
Mock Orange below my bedroom window.  Every shrub is pretty much taste tested about head level. If it is really tasty, the deer will stand on their back legs to reach higher.  The fawns should start coming around soon and they taste EVERYTHING! 

I hope your week is going fantastic!!


  1. Our Leyland cypress have the weirdest shape thanks to the deer. It took me quite a while to realize why "anyone" would prune a tree that way!

  2. Love the double 4-patch! And your garden looks beautiful. I can imagine the smell of that Mock Orange. Yum!

  3. your yard is beautiful!
    I still have to dig out my double 4 patches. Love that block

  4. I put stakes and deer net around my garden last summer to try and get an actual harvest. That flu patch looks like a good stash buster

  5. Did you notice I can comment again? I had to sign in o Chrome on my iPad but it works!

  6. Your yard and garden are beautiful. I esp love the herb garden around the bird bath--and those clematis. Who knew deer would even eat clematis?! [no deer here!]

    That's a lot of db 4 Patches, wow.


  7. Thanks for the Double 4-Patch pattern link! I'm a BIG fan of any quilt using that block. Maybe one day, I'll make one of my own. Someday. Maybe! Sigh... So many patterns, SEW little time.

  8. Your garden is beautiful!! The clematis is lovely. It will be fun to see what you make with your four patches after the swap.

  9. I like that double 4-patch layout. I have made a double 4-patch years ago, but the layout was different. This makes me wish I had time to whip one up right now.
    Lovely blooming things. I am glad the deer in our area stick pretty close to the river a mile or so away, so my lilac bushes don't get eaten. :)

  10. Pretty garden photos. I've never heard of Mock Orange - it's pretty (despite the unwelcome visitors). I agree that small blocks are often sweeter especially when you are going for a scrappy look.

  11. Do antelope come into your yard too, or are they too shy?


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