Monday, June 17, 2019

Your best Go! Tip

Looks like I'm having a bit of trouble with my Go cutting abilities!! 

 Is the key in ironing better? It's saving my wrist, but wonky strips aren't better!!

Had an amazing weekend backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail on nearby Mt Hood.
 Flag day comes to a close at Lower  Twin Lakes. 
We start refreshed for a big weekend!

After a long day of hiking (11 miles according to my GPS) this was our evening view at Timothy Lake.

I cannot get enough of the old growth forests! Some of these trees are massive!!

I hope your weekend was wonderful


  1. I don't use one of these for cutting fabric but I did use the same type of die cutter when working and used it with paper. After awhile - and it didn't take a long while for it to happen - the blade or metal edge that was supposed to do the cutting would dull. The plate it cut into would get too pierced to cut evenly. Kind of like how our cutting mats get ridgey and grooved when we cut the same size over and over. I would have to change the pad that the cutting form pressed onto with the die cutter. I also watched one of these Go cutters being used recently and if there were too many layers of fabric it would shift and the cut would look like what you are getting. The paper cutter worked best if I cut two, maybe three pieces of paper at one time but no more. When I was watching the Go cutter it worked best with one layer, maybe two but no more. Hope this helps.

  2. I don’t know anything about the GO machine but this reminds me that I need to cut some fabric to make more string blocks next weekend. Your trip looks amazing.

  3. I have a GO cutter and mine does the same thing when I cut strips. I gave up. Use it only for single shapes on smaller dies.

  4. That's frustrating...I haven't had that happen...Maybe there's something wrong with the die. hopefully the company will sort of our for you. My only thought is to make sure that there aren't stray threads packed in alongside the cutter. Good luck and I love seeing your hiking/back packing adventures.

  5. I already told you I gave up my Go Cutter long ago. If it becomes too much work to get quality cuts, then I might as well cut by hand. Doing so much applique, the cutter would not have been all that useful.

  6. You know I LOVE my accuquilt cutter. In my personal opinion, pressing is HUGE when using it. I do layer my fabrics, and I do use starch/starch alternative when pressing. It gives the body needed for cutting this way, and keeps your layers together for the cutting. It is inevitable to get results like that one you showed from time to time. Save those for the next size down strip, or use it as a string.

  7. This happens when there is a wrinkle in the fabric. The fabric has to be smooth.

  8. An 11 mile hike is no walk in the park! You ladies rock!
    Lovely evening view over the lake.
    I have no tips, because I don't own a cutter.

  9. I only have the Go Baby so I don't cut strips like Bonnie. I would think its an ironing issue. Some fabrics are just crooked.


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