Friday, June 14, 2019

Flag Day on a Friday!

I really enjoyed the Mt Bachelor Quilters Guild this week. I do not belong to a local group and it is fun to see what others in the quilting world are doing. 

Someone donated a huge (over 100x100) star top to the guild for a boutique fundraiser.  It was rippling and waving like crazy- they were ready to bring it to the thrift store. Someone had a vision!! 

She shared how she starched it to drenching, then let it dry, then ironed it. It was a massive quilt, so she cut it in half! Genius!

 Look at this darling quilt! Ready to make some money for the guild! I was impressed!!
This was a darling bird quilt! I found out it was made by a woman who lives in my town of Madras! 

My cheddar quilt looks,,,uh, very cheddar! LOL It feels different sharing it like this, rather than enjoying it on my bed.
I met two lovely ladies for dinner who came from out of town to see the lecture and quilts. Both are very talented! 

 On the Humble Quilts facebook group I shared a bit of GREEN! It is spring after all, and my world will be very brown soon. 

My Instagram feed for the week. 

One year ago on Flag Day 2018 I summited Mt St Helens! 

I love my country and respect my flag. 

Have a safe and wonderful weekend! Celebrate life!!


  1. Happy Friday! Flag day was my parents anniversary so it has extra special meaning to us. I am gathering fabric to take on my quilting retreat and getting very excited for a slower summer work schedule

  2. Such lovely quilts! Your cheddar quilt looked awesome hanging like that but probably is just as stunning on your bed.

  3. Oh wow! Your cheddar Time Warp Stars looks fantastic hanging up there! I adore that quilt and so does Barbara B. Hope you caught it on her blog this week. I remember your incredible summit climb last year. You are amazing!

  4. The story of that big yellow star quilt is so interesting. I'm imagining both quilts displayed in the same room on twin beds - that would look so cool. I think your cheddar quilt is wonderful - I bet the quilters in attendance were delighted to get to see it up close - i would be. Love those gorgeous greens!

  5. I'm so sorry that I wasn't in town to attend your program in Bend this past week. I'll bet everyone loved what you said and showed!
    I'm coming up this weekend and staying a month! Hope we can meet up!
    At worse, let's have lunch at the show again!!
    Have fun in Ohio!

  6. Happy Flag Day to you, Lori! Love that summit picture!!!!

  7. Oh I would love to attend your program! What fun that would be. Thanks for sharing the quilts, the bird one is really charming.

  8. Absolutely love the cheddar! And the spring green. Very cool how someone saved the quilt by cutting it in half:). I guess once something is almost past gone, you can get very brave and creative, rescuing it! Lots of sunny colors in this post and I imagine that's the tone of your presentation too!

  9. your quilt looks great. I hope to see your trunk show one day!
    happy flag day and summit anniversary.

  10. So what happened to the other half of the blazing star?! This was a brilliant solution, gave the traditional quilt a modern look. Thanks for sharing!


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