Monday, June 10, 2019

Has Summer Arrived?

No, summer hasn't arrived yet, but temps in the 80's and 90's feel otherwise!! I'll look forward to Summer Solstice on June 22. 

I've been arranging a few quilts around the house, removing some for my lectures and putting others up. 

I'm not sure how much I like this, but it is staying for now. 

 Bring on summer!! This was a little round robin I love to pieces!!

Cory had a rare Saturday off and we opted to go for a drive and revisit some areas we haven't been to for some time.
This is called Sherar's Falls on the Deschutes River. No salmon are running so there were no fisherman, but do you see that wooden platform?

 The Native Americans stand on them, while being tied to shore, and dip long nets in to catch salmon. It's so scary to watch!! Learn more HERE.
We drove down the road a little further and went to a state park that we've never been to. Look how lovely this is!! This is called White River.

 We took a short hike into the canyon to get a closer look.
From Wikipedia: At the base of the falls are the ruins of a hydropower plant which supplied electricity to north central Oregon from 1910 to 1960.

This was a picnic lunch view! Devils Halfacre is what its called. 

Sorry I don't have more quilt related things to share. The weather has turned lovely and we had to enjoy the weekend.

Hope to see you in Bend tonight at the Mt Bachelor quilt guild!


  1. I would love to join you at the Mt. Bachelor Quilt guild, but I don't think I can drive the 2,090 miles in time! Have fun.

  2. Sweet little quilt gathering in your photo. I so enjoy seeing your Oregon photos and those crystal clear blue skies. We didn't do much exploring of the eastern half of the state when we were there, though it sure is beautiful. Hubby loved the coast so that's where we inevitably went on any free weekend.

  3. Nice quilt grouping. I do enjoy my arm chair traveling with you. And Yes!, summer has arrived here - 105 for the last two days. Wish I could be there for the meeting.

  4. Your part of the US is stunning, so interesting and beautiful! I love your patriotic display, the little quilts and other pieces are so adorable. I also noted and love the heart bowl filler, red w America appliqued, that's really great.


  5. Such a beautiful waterfall! Good to enjoy some time together outside :0)

  6. I enjoy seeing your patriotic quilts. The round robin piece is a winner, for sure!
    Oh, lovely nature shots. When we have hiked in Oregon we have been particularly drawn to areas with falls, but I don't recall that we have seen any of these.

  7. So many cute little quilts, Lori. I love all of them, simple and complex!
    Who says everything you post has to be "new" ?

  8. I don't think I've ever seen that little one with the Ohio star in the middle Adorable, although they are all fabulous.
    Hope your presentation goes great. So sorry I'm not able to attend.
    Love that you explore so many areas of Central Oregon! You could write a book!

  9. great quilts and wow you have been doing some amazing hiking

  10. I don't remember having seen the angel Lady Liberty piece before. I like!

  11. I like your quilt arrangement. And I always like seeing your nature photos - so different from the Northeast (or Tokyo for that matter). Rugged beauty.

  12. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!

  13. I saw a few quilts. Nature calls and you must go! Thanks for sharing. Soon it will be too hot to hike.

  14. Wow, you showed me more places I need to visit in my "new" state. We've only lived in OR since October 2014!


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