Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Quilt Lectures- Now and Then

Last week I had the pleasure of sharing "The 10 Reasons I Quilt" with the Mt Hood Quilt Guild.
Thank you all so much for the warm welcome and kind comments on my lecture!! 

 I try and figure out why I am so non-photogenic at my lectures and I think I put my finger on it. I'm very expressive and that comes across in the photos. I'd rather have fun sharing about my quilts then put everyone to sleep! <I didn't see one person sleeping! yay!>
 It was the first time I've shared this quilt at a lecture.

What a lovely group! Thanks again!!

If you are in the Washington area next month I will be sharing on September 4th
Reruns: Quilts Inspired by the Past

with The Gig Harbor Quilters.
It takes place at Gig harbor Yacht Club at 1:30 in the afternoon
More details about the group HERE.

Then a few hours later I will be sharing the same lecture with the 
West Sound Quilters guild in 
Port Orchard at 6:30PM.
More info HERE

These will be my last 2 lectures of 2019. 

Please come and introduce yourself!

I hope your week is going wonderfully!


  1. Oh I would love to make it to one of your lectures. Mt Hood has a talented group of quilters. I attended their quilt show a couple years ago and though not large, all the quilts were beautifully made. (Not the norm for small shows.). It was very professional, welcoming and enjoyable. And, I can't imagine you ever putting folks to sleep 😊

  2. Oh those lucky West Coast people! I would love to attend one of your lectures! And, I think you are very photogenic!

  3. Fun to see that quilt guilds are alike all around the US, and maybe the world.

  4. I think you look very pretty in your candid photos, you're quite photogenic.Besides your words and actions--your enthusiasm---shine through and that is what counts.


  5. I am sure you are very entertaining during your programs done for guilds. You are getting more and more requests for guild programs. Word gets around!

  6. Do you have a date for the last two lectures? I didn't see anything on the FB page. Thanks.

  7. I wish I could attend, but I enjoyed your post. I know what you mean about an expressive face, I have hundreds of photos of me pulling funny faces!

  8. LOVE those quilts! and you are totally photogenic! you are just too hard on yourself - but the joy you have in sharing your quilts come thru!

  9. how smart to have someone take such nice photos of you giving your lecture, it's almost like being there.
    have fun

  10. After your trunk show at our Guild, Mt. Hood, I found several humble quilts of mine. While binding a quilt for our upcoming show, I found a blue piece in the center of one of my pink butterfly wings. The corner of my bargello quilt an orange instead of gray suddenly stuck out to me. Thanks for helping g me laugh about and accept these 'flaws'.


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