Friday, September 13, 2019

Almost Amish Part 1

You will cut a 1 1/2" strip of blue and a 1 1/2" strip of tan/brown. Strips need to be at least 12". Or if you are using very small scraps, then make more than one strip set.

Cut your blue-brown/tan strip into 1 1/2" sub cuts, then make (4) four patches as shown. 

Cut a 1 1/2" strip of light/white and 1 1/2" strip of maroon. This needs to equal 15". 

Sub cut into 1 1/2"  and make (5) 4 patches as shown above. 

Ta-Da! Done!!


  1. Ok I wasn't going to do this but you sucked me in. Done. Can't wait for part 2.

  2. I've been following your blog for awhile, but this is probably the first time I've commented! Thanks for the inspiration to dig into my solid scraps and use some of them. I just finished up some four patches!

  3. Four patches are always a good start! I’ll try to do this tomorrow. Thanks, Lori!

  4. I wasn't. I was trying to resist starting yet another project... I have four I'm working on already. But, ya got me! I'm in!

  5. Typo? Pictures show sub cuts should be 2 1/2 ;)

  6. Sigo con interés todo el proyecto, aunque no puedo empezar en este momento. Pero en breve lo iniciaré. Gracias Lori.


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