Friday, October 18, 2019

Aurora Quilts Rhapsody in Blue

The theme for the 47th Annual Old Aurora VColony Quilt show was "Rhapsody in Blue" I feel a theme for 2019!!

Here are a few faves:

 What a fun border!!

 Another cool border.
One of my favorites!
Old top, newly quilted.

Another lovely and humble quilt with fabric patterns going every which way!!

Look at that stuffed stem! Cool quilting too.

How about this kind of sashing? Yes? or No? 

Antique quilt, reproduced quilt.

Love that green and red print.

I didn't share my favorite here because I  took so many photos!! 

I'm off to Hood River for my relay. Have a super weekend!


  1. wow...can't go wrong with blue and white...oooh love the blue/cheddar as well but oh those flying geese!

  2. Fabulous! I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hope the relay is fun. I do love blue and white quilts. Thanks for all the photos.

  4. Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great quilts, Lori. Thanks for sharing!
    Good luck on the relay... uphill... remember "I think I can... I think I can..." We know you can!

  6. How fun to see these beauties--thanks for sharing them! I think my favorite is the flying geese quilt--love it.

  7. The Aurora show never fails to delight the hand quilter's senses, thank you for faithfully recording the show for us each year. Good luck with the relay!

  8. There sure are some beauties! Have a great time at the relay. I'm heading to Spokane Quilt Show - my fav. 😊

  9. What a wonderful group of quilts. Thoroughly enjoyed.

  10. Many treasures, and all that gorgeous hand quilting. I always enjoy seeing the quilts you share from this show.

    Good wishes for a great race!


  11. Extraordinary! Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing. Love each and every one, all for different reasons. Have a wonderful weekend. ;^)

  12. Thanks for the on line quilt show!!!
    Good luck at Hood River!

  13. They are all gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them. It's so inspirational and I have got to make a quilt with some "cheddar" in it! LOL!

  14. Really enjoyed this show through your eyes. Hope we get to see your favorite soon!

  15. What a beautiful bunch of antique quilts! Thank you so much for sharing inspiration!

  16. Love these old beauties. Thanks for sharing


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