Wednesday, October 30, 2019


I started looking around for a small hand project to bring with me to Houston. I may not touch it, but, who knows, I could get stranded in an airport to or from! I was supposed to fly through Denver and they got a big storm, but was able to change my route to Houston. Always good to have too much than not enough!
I have my small toile hand quilting and couldn't find it! Looked high and low...
then pulled out this old French General embroidery I started in a class a couple of years ago. 

 I forgot how much I LOVE it!

This was Kaari's sample in class. 

I tucked this away for now because I did find the toile I want to finish. 

I'm looking forward to a fast and furious few days in Houston. Looking forward to seeing some lovely friends that I don't see often enough!

Take care friends!


  1. Love that embroidery, beautiful! Have a wonderful in Houston. Hope you have plenty of room in your suitcase for all the stuff you bring home!

  2. Have fun! AND come back with a report... ;0)

  3. Have a fun trip. I have four days off coming up and can’t wait to get back to sorting and organizing my sewing room.

  4. I remember when you first started the French General project. It's beautiful and I hope you get back to it soon also!

  5. Pretty, Lori. A lot of stitching involved. I do get by embroidery. Have never taken the time to learn all the stitches that can be done.

  6. Have a great time. I think Houston 2020 might be in the works for me!!

  7. That is a very pretty embroidery piece.
    Enjoy Houston as a non-worker bee.
    Hoping to make it there someday myself.

  8. Your French General embroidery is beautiful. The one I did was in red. It is ready for some hand quilting for a small wall hanging. What will you do with yours! Enjoy Houston. It will be cool - 36 in San Antonio area. I keep thinking I will make Houston each year - maybe next year. I have gone 2 times and it is great - take your tennis shoes!

  9. pretty embroidery. Have fun in Houston.
    also, you were spammed!

  10. Lovely and lively embroidery! Hope you have a blast in Houston.

  11. Felicidades y precioso bordado!!!!!. Un beso.

  12. I took some hand work to Houston too but didn't touch it myself. I did some emergency repair on a quilted purse and my friend actually stitched some on my piece. Her work is far superior to mine anyway. Hope you had a good time.


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