Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Buhl Bushong, Christmas and Winner!

Getting the second border prepped  for the Buhl Bushong quilt. I also need to start sewing the center portion. Soon...yes, soon.

I got our tree decorated and these sweet little beaded bells were made by my grandmother. 

The fog and hoarfrost is beautiful but also dangerous with the freezing fog making roads a sheet of ice. Glad I don't have to be out in it too much.

The winner of the vintage doily is Farm Quilter!
I'll get it in the mail as soon as I get your address!

I hope you'll visit Beth's blog today for the blog hop!

And if you missed yesterday's blogger

I hope your week is going stupendous!


  1. Sweet ornaments. I do not envy you that weather - ugh. Stay safe

  2. lovely ornaments - I have one of those beaded bells in pink! fun

  3. That quilt you're working on will be a stunner! I love it.

  4. That border leaves me speechless! Beautiful.

  5. How wonderful to have those precious ornaments made by your grandmother. The holiday season always brings back memories of Christmases past, the special foods from our heritage, the handmade treasures, the songs all make us closer to those loved ones now passed who influenced who we are today.

  6. Lori bonitos adornos y grandes recuerdos
    Felicidades a la ganadora.
    Cuidado con el tiempo

  7. Beautiful flowers and bird - I love the border. That Bushong quilt is going to be really lovely!

  8. Wonderful to still have an ornament made by your Grandmother!:)

  9. Homemade ornaments of any kind for your tree are so very special!! It looks like Christmas time out your window, but I agree, it is awful to drive in. I'm so excited to win that adorable doily!!! Thank you!!!

  10. That border is so pretty. Happy and pretty, I should say. I love finding the few little things my husband's grandmother made for us. She was so talented and made my bridal veil (36 years ago!). That's my real treasure. But she also did decoupage and gave me cute a cute little plaque she made when our oldest turned 1.


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