Wednesday, January 8, 2020


I was going to make backings on my retreat but that doesn't sound very exciting! LOL 
I'm hoping to get them pieced and done before my retreat,

This little one will be easy to back. No piecing necessary. 

This one is just large enough to need to piece it. 53" square

I have bits and pieces, hardly any over 1 yard. Here's a photo I snapped to my machine quilter- asking her which one she prefers. LOL Too many decisions and it is easier for me to ask her advice. We went with the one on the left with a few more similar prints.

I got a backing pieced for this one too and it is on it's way to Ohio! Perfect since I swapped with my quilter, Kathy, from Ohio. (swapped with Kevin too!)

These are next in line for backings. 

I start by taking out larger pieces from my stash and putting them where I can see them all.

There is usually a measuring tape and math equations involved!! LOL 

A classic from 1999!! As Sandra Starley said on Facebook- the 1900's!! LOL

Love the details on the selvage. 

I had planned on working Monday night on these, then was reminded about a meeting I needed to attend. At the meeting an older man side swiped my new car!! EEeck! The repair shop is an hours drive away so that is what I took care of Tuesday (spendy sideswipe estimate). There is always today!


  1. Wow, that last fabric is gorgeous! It caused an instant web search. Lol. You are making good progress on your backings!

  2. Woot! Woot! Finishes coming soon to a quilter near me! Lol! Such satisfaction, can hardly be contained. Sorry about your car and the repairs eating up valuable quilting time. Hope you get some good time with your machine today!

  3. Wonderful progress to start off the new year--that must feel great to be so near finished on these quilts!

  4. I recognize those scrappy ones! Good job. I have some to get to the quilter soon. No excuse on backing as I bought a wide back. Just waiting for $! So sorry about your new car!

  5. I love scrappy backings! And I really love that Cocheco print.

  6. I like that, making a backing means a finish is near!

  7. Always fun to choose backings! I love how you put pieces together to work. I don't think I'd put that wonderful berry/ leaf print on a back tho, it's a treasure!



  8. I see some fabulous finishes coming in 2020. I agree with Lizzy, that berry/leaf print needs to be featured on the front of something, maybe our 2020 fall quilt-along??

  9. At least the guy told you he hit you and you didn't have to find out by going outside to find it!! That always sucks!! Make sure that the insurance pays for the different in the value of your car between when it had a clean Car Fax and one with an accident!! It is considerable and if you don't get it from his insurance, you will have lost that money forever. You car insurance agent can tell you the name for it and he/she should be able to tell you the amount you should be paid. You are making progress on the backings!!!

  10. It's hard to get backings from stash. I have the same problem. Not enough yardage, lots of one yard pieces. I do love that last fabric! Never saw it before.

  11. I love that last fabric. It's so pretty and everything a repro should be. I didn't collect fabric in the 1990's. I had 5 children graduate from high school and a very tight budget. It's fun to see what was out there. So sorry about the accident.

  12. Sad news about your car. Hope your retreat gives you time to renew. Where are you going?

  13. I made a backing yesterday - I have a whole stack ready to back quilts
    You have a great collection!

  14. The 1999 fabric was the first reproduction fabric I purchased in 2002 (I think) I have a quilt that I made from Quilt Maker magazine. I love it and have fabric left over!

  15. You have some good stash for backings. I feel like backing fabric never dies because you have those long leftover strips once you trim the quilt after quilting. Your quilts are great! I appreciate the inspiration from your blog! Happy New Year!


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