Friday, January 24, 2020

Buhl Bushong Update

My main project I wanted to work on at the retreat was my Buhl Bushong quilt from the Virginia quilt museum. See it HERE. 

 It is hard to photograph since it is long... working on borders. This one is done, except for the corners which we won't do yet.
I'm done with this section of the 3rd appliqued border. 
I am machine appliqueing with a tiny zig zag and matching thread. 
It is a lot of time at the machine!! 

So, at the retreat,  I announced to the ladies that I would stay focused and I estimated I could get the border (shown on the top) sewn in about 10 minutes for each "block" or set of flowers for a total of 70 minutes. This didn't include winding a bobbin, standing up between blocks, or doing any ironing. Oh yeah, I only had the green applique left to do on that part too. 
The video above is what Michelle took. When I got to the end of a section I threw my arms in the air and shouted "TIME!" 

I was also using the timer. This was only sewing time as I stopped it between each one. This is what happens when friends get together to sew!! LOL 

I was also working on these too, although I still have a lot of them left. 

My Instagram feed for the week. 
I wasn't a fan of the Magdalen Girls and stopped after about 1/3. It is historical fiction and I thought I'd like it. Too many on my list to trudge through one I'm not enjoying. 

My son and Nikki came by the other evening- it was so fun to have them "drop" by! 
The doggies have not seen them in awhile and they were excited. 

Mr Porter's nose is dirty because he has been burying his shank bones... Silly boy.

Elsa is just thinking, "I love you so much!" LOL

I hope you all have had a lovely week!! Stay warm, stay safe. 


  1. Those borders and the blocks just make me go WOW!!! So pretty! And I feel the same as you about not wasting my time on a book I am not enjoying. I used to always slog my way through no matter what, but I've decided life's too short to do that. I just set one aside last week that I thought the writing style was awful even though the topic was good.

  2. That is looking beautiful! If only we could measure the importance of good friends like we do time 😉

  3. Oh your QAL is coming so beautifully--sounds like you are having a grand time of it;)) hugs, Julierose

  4. I think a retreat with a few friends looks like so much fun. You made good progress, it appears--but I have to say you seem to be a master of that machine applique. I could never go that fast!

  5. Is there really anything better than retreat? I'm a huge fan but only for 3-4 days. After that I start going stir crazy. Your QAL is stunning. Love the bird on the border and your fabric choices are so rich. I bet my Gracie would enjoy romping with your dogs too!

  6. Beautiful work! Your blocks are lovely too. Very sweet furry folk x

  7. Beautiful work on your Buhl! And you are really a lot faster than us, doing it all by hand......
    Glad that you had so much done at the retreat.

  8. Beautiful buhl. It is always fun to sew together with friends and you did a lot. Did you watch the Magdalene girls movie from 2002 it was horrible. But those who lived there said it was even worse than shown in the movie. So nice your son just dropped in. Have a nice week.

  9. I love your dogs. Looks like you had fun on your retreat and I'm sure you had a lot of moral support as you worked on that beautiful border! I agree with you on books - so many to read, don't waste time on something you aren't enjoying.

  10. Your quilting is so wonderful, Lori. Loved that video and I think you were going very fast too. Fabulous projects that are inspiring as applique is my favourite.

  11. so fast! wow
    your dogs are so gorgeous. I love shepards!

  12. There are people who think the fused machine applique is fast but it isn't. Well, faster than hand applique but the machine stitching does take more time than one would think.

  13. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous, Lori! I love your dogs! We would love another German Shepherd, some day! Jan in MA


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