Monday, February 24, 2020

Anniversary Quilt 2020 Quiltalong- Let's Get Started!

This is your upcoming assignment. I hope you've started getting your background cut/pieced and patterns traced.  
Get the top section pieced and angel appliqued, if you plan on adding the angel. When tracing the pattern I was surprised at how HUGE she was! 

 Mine is fused, but not appliqued yet. 
Get one 30" block appliqued. This is a lot of work, so I'm planning on a little more than 1 month to complete this. I need to do a final press on my fusible, then start the applique.


  1. Your block looks wonderful! I really like how effective the white is at adding impact.

  2. That Angel is lovely and the 30" block looks so beautifully set up...nice work hugs, Julierose

  3. Got my pattern I'm getting started on my block : )

  4. Your block already looks so good! Can't wait to see all the different versions of this pattern. This is gonna be a fun QAL even though I'm just going to be lurking.:)

  5. Your blocks look great!!! Love seeing your beautiful work,wish I had time to quilt along with you...some day! Right now I'll enjoy your quilt a along.

  6. Am enjoying watching you work. Am not going to be making this though, too many other quilts in progress crying out for attention here.


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