Friday, August 14, 2020

Zoom! Zoom!

It looks like for now Zoom is how most quilt guilds will be meeting. 
I hope it is only temporary. Nothing replaces meeting together in person!

Also, quilts are better in person too!

This is the 2nd quilt I made in a quilt class at the Stitchin' Post in Sisters. 

I even hand quilted it!

I think this is the only label I've ever cross stitched. 
The front of this quilt is showing its 26 year age, but the back is still bright. 
I'm getting a specific lecture ready and need to take good photos. 
The last few are fairly large and I'm going to need some help hanging them. 

Piles here. Piles there....

I'm not planning on any company for awhile, so I guess that's a good thing!

I am committing to doing lectures on Zoom and hope to figure it out enough to do a workshop this fall.

If you are interested in an online Zoom lecture for your guild, please let me know! 

 After 5 months a letter from Italy made it Madras! That was in quarantine for a really long time! Rina and I thought for sure it was never going to be seen again. LOL

I had 6 friends recover from Covid. One is over 80! We hear the doom and gloom but very rarely the good news. Most people are recovering from this virus!! I'm so sorry for those who have lost loved ones- I have friends who have lost family members to Covid. We will get through this!!

Much love to you all...


  1. Such a lovely lot of quilts!! I especially like your hand quilted one. I am so happy for good news...hurrah for getting over this virus!!!!

  2. Our guild met this month in a big open shelter at a park. We plan to try that again in September, but after that it will probably be too chilly to meet outdoors. It was really wonderful to see these ladies again and to share our Show n Tell.

  3. Our little quilt ministry has been meeting in the church fellowship hall since mid-June when the shutdown restrictions began to ease. We're fortunate to have a small group of mostly 70-plus year old members who don't go anywhere else so we know we're safe with each other. So thankful to live in a rural area where there have been very few cases so far.

  4. So glad to hear of the recovered health of your friends. Thank you for the quilt show :-)

  5. good news we have to do what we have to do!! our guild has been having monthly zoom meetings and we email our quilt photo in for show and tell; then we can speak when it is shown on well but still never as much fun as in person. I am teaching a class in September with our guild on Zoom and have 16 students...getting nervous but the guild is giving me a training session this weekend - old dog new tricks!

  6. So glad to hear of your friends recovering from Covid, especially the more elderly one! That's awesome news! There really is nothing quite like seeing a quilt in person and being able to visually experience the texture, color etc. Good for you getting going on the Zoom thing. Needs must!

  7. You are so right that quilts are best in person but seeing them on zoom is still much better than nothing. So, I'm happy to see what I can.

  8. I think a smaller rendition of the stars quilt would make a great sew along!! Lovely quilt, even at 26! :)

  9. I love your "zoom zoom" !! Thank you for sharing your wonderful quilts !!
    In France, I'm afraid for september ! The virus is everywhere despite of masks and social distancing... pffff ! Be careful !

  10. Those quilts want me to get in on the zoom zoom"

  11. I love the stacks of quilts on the bed! Agree with Sandy’s earlier comment that the Sisters quilt would be a sweet sew along. Such a terrific layout!

  12. I'm hoping that my large guild will start doing Zoom meetings soon. So far, they haven't done anything since all of this started.

  13. My quilt guild is finally going to meet in person next month, but the board decided to have it outside.

    Yes, Covid-19 is like the flu -- most people survive it. Everybody needs to stop being afraid. Build up your immune systems & that will help protect against all viruses and coronoviruses. Stop being scared and stop the stupid mass mask wearing; that just depletes the immune system. Stop clamoring for a "vaccine". Simple medicine is already proven to cure it. Hyrdroxychloroquine.

  14. Your second quilt is pretty special Lori, and you certainly have a pile to get through for your meeting. Great news about your friends, you are right we only hear about the sad cases.I personally don't know anyone with the virus, but as you know I'm sure, we have fairly tight rules here, although just last week Auckland has gone back into Level 3 because 4 people had the community transmitted virus.I think that has now increased to 13.

  15. My goodness, you've been making quilts for a long time...such a wonderful assortment of patterns and fabrics! I love the patriotic stars from your Sister's class!

  16. I'm happy to be able to share my love of quilting through zoom, but i long for the days of in person sharing. there is no substitute for touching quilts.
    I know people are recovering from the virus, but they also have long term heart damage, so it isn't "just the flu". Still need to beat this thing and we are all in it together.

  17. Hi Lori, wow, all those fabulious quilts..yum!! Thanks for sharing them. Wonderful pictures of them all!

    With all the problems that are on going all over the would it is a very hard on everyone. I belong to 5 groups here in Des Moines, Iowa and all are not meeting till further notice. My Des Moines Herb Study Group are not meeting till April 2021. The Des Moines Quilt Guild meets every month and has over 500 hundred members. They had break into two meeting times now as we have gotten so large. They meet at 1pm and 6 pm. They also have had a Quilt Show everyyear for at least 40 + years. This year it is postponed. Even our Iowa State Fair! I know there will be better times and hopefully 2021 will for all of us❤.

    I have been writing notes and phone call trying to keep in touch with friends has been good and with Facebook and blogging is great also keeping in touch.

    With the new "blogger"system... I had been putting it off..finally bit the "bullet" and posted a few days ago. Had to figure out all the new...grrrr! Had big problems trying to inverting pictures from my tablet to post on blog.
    Now. I will have to post soon so I don't forget how!

    Hope all is fine with you and your family and that you are having a restful weekend.
    Stay safe my friend.
    Hug's, Carolyn

  18. Beautiful quilts, wish i could see them all in person!

  19. That's such a classic quilt and homey too. I'm glad to hear people are using Zoom for quilt lectures and workshops!

  20. I enjoyed seeing your lovely quilts.

  21. I just sent your info to my large quilt guild as a possible Zoom speaker. Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild (Illinois).


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