Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Construction Zone!

Oh my goodness, what an ordeal it was for me to get these scrub hats completed!  I'll just leave it at that....
I got a bit more creative with the fabrics this time. 

They are going in the mail to Julie in TX today!
I just finished this book. It feels like it took me forever as some nights I could only read a few pages before dropping off to sleep.  I enjoyed it a lot and had no idea this went on during WW2. 

Elsa and I went for a beautiful hike on Saturday. 
Many of these areas will be permit only next year so it won't be as easy to go at the last minute. 

We had an amazing 360 degree view. There used to be a fire lookout at the top. Those mountains out there are the 3 Sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity. 
The Cory and I went kayaking- it is fun to mix it up!

I hope you all are doing well. Life is stressful right now, but planning some outdoor activities keeps me sane!

Love ya!


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  2. OH Lori! Those caps are totally gorgeous! ON behalf of Texas Health nurses, THANK YOU! Sorry you had some hazards in your construction zone!!

  3. Lovely new caps! I did not have good success with combining fabric choices...a little too mismatched so I went for single fabrics.
    I love your pictures of the beautiful outdoors. I'm rehabbing a knee at the moment and restricted to short times, and flat, even surfaces which is a little boring. So I get jealous :-) but I am hopeful to be out there again too! Enjoy! The outdoors makes a huge difference in life.

  4. kayaking is on my list but the lesson and rental place is closed because of the virus so maybe next summer

  5. The scrub caps are very clever and cute. Good job! The hiking and kayaking area have some amazing views. But why will it be "permit only" in the future?

  6. why will hiking be permit only.... see someone else wants to know also. Seems like your backyard and that should not need a permit??

  7. I haven't tackled the caps yet but they have been requested. I have made about 150 masks and I decided I needed to do some quilting before I did anymore. I figured those caps would be a bit challenging, but I have some patterns, I must try. Glad you got to get out with nature for a bit.

  8. The kayaking looks awesome. So do your hats. My great-aunt was an Atomic City Girl. She was quite a character.

  9. Your caps will be appreciated, for sure!
    Now I am very curious about that book.
    I have never been kayaking, but I love canoeing. That looks really therapeutic!

  10. I haven't tried making any scrub cap, yet. I'd be interested to discover the challenges you had with them, Lori. Thanks for sharing your outdoor adventures with us!

  11. Yes, with all this stress we are under it is good to get out and move about. I spend way too much time in front of my computer working from home and need to remember to do that. Love kayaking! Great views from your hike!

  12. Great scrub hats Lori. I'll have to try and get that book. Parcel posted yesterday...start looking out for it in about 4 weeks. :)


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