Friday, September 25, 2020

How Can We Help?

 It is likely you've heard of the devastating fires here in the Pacific Northwest. When the entire town of Paradise, CA burned quilters jumped into action. My niece and I went to Chico to deliver quilts and it was so rewarding. If you want to jump back real quick it is pretty heartwarming what ya'll did for the survivors of that horrible fire. See it HERE.  

Here are a few options if you are willing to donate to Oregon fire victims.

If you are in WA state this may be a better choice.

Our church quilting group / local Chapter of Project Linus are making quilts and will collect them in Skagit and Whatcom counties in Washington to be sent to Oregon or wherever needed. We have a long arm machine so will finish any tops that are donated. Contact us at: 

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 1006 Wicker Road, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

Mt Hood Quilt Guild is accepting and distributing completed quilts to go to victims and evacuees from the Riverside Fire in Clackamas County. You can mail or drop off at: My Quilting Loft, 253 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy. Troutdale, Oregon 97060

I'm not sure about this, but here is an email and phone number that you may call and get more info.

If anyone needs a kit to work on, or has completed charity tops or quilts ... call or text me! (this is a number that was online, it isn't me)


BOLTS TO BLOCKS: Collecting quilt tops and finished quilts to support those in the Phoenix & Talent areas. (these towns were nearly completely burned down)

Contact: Barb of Bolts to Blocks,, (541) 704-0386

Mail or deliver to: Bolts to Blocks, 950 SE Geary St., Ste C, Albany, OR 97322


Update on what is going on with this amazing quilt drive. This is a picture I took after my husband and I organized tops into stacks those needing binding and those needing backing and binding and those that are ready to quilt. Four volunteers will be in the shop tomorrow measuring and cutting backings and bindings, sewing labels on, quilting, and helping me to run our small business. Individuals throughout our quilting community will be picking quilts up to bind and to wash. Thank you everyone.

Pete and I drove to Monmouth this evening to drop quilts off that are headed to 7 families in the Phoenix and Talent areas tomorrow. Each individual in those families is receiving their own quilt. We are doing the best we can to match the sizes of quilts that are requested along with the colors that the individuals like, we are taking extra care with this when it comes to the children! 

We are asking for any quilts that you no longer need or use and or any quilt tops that you can donate so that we can get them into the hands of those who are in need. When you bring in a quilt top for this cause Pete and I will donate the backing and batting and will quilt a quick meander so that we can get them ready to go. We will need volunteers to help machine bind. With Covid being an ongoing part of our lives I will also need individuals that are willing to wash and to place quilts in bags that can either be tied or sealed. We will place a note with them so that the receiver will know that everything has been done to help prevent the spread of the virus. I have some quilt tops that I will begin on this morning that have been previously pieced for another community project (thank you Camille and Janet). We ask that you look around and take a moment to be thankful for everyone and everything that you have. We love you all! “-Barb

100 quilts went to Talent And Phoenix Elementary school children today. Still need another 350 twin or lap size so every child who has lost their home will have something to snuggle with. Then we will try to serve the middle and high school kids. Please help by sending new or barely used quilts to Sew Creative Ashland at 115 East Main St. Ashland, Oregon 97520

Thank you for your consideration! Love you all!


  1. Thanks Lori! I will see if I can get one or two out next week.

  2. Great info, Lori! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Thank you so much for compiling this information for us. I live very close to the group in Sedro-Woolley; I wouldn't have found out about their offer if it hadn't been for you!

  4. Thanks Lori, a quilt and pillowcase is something that is not only comforting but is so useful! We all have more than enough stash yo make some fast tops!

  5. Thanks for this information, Lori! I just finished a quilt and was wondering what I might do with it. Shipping it to Oregon just might be the answer!

  6. Sending in some pillow cases that I bought in a bulk lot. I am sure every bit helps.


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