Friday, November 20, 2020

Fun on A Friday!

Happy Friday Friends!

Here's a sneak peak at a vintage quilt purchase! Oh my goodness, it is darling as can be! Who doesn't love polka dots??!! More to come.

Here's my instagram from the last several weeks. 

A couple things:

I'm in charge of the Angel Tree program this year and we had a whopping 62 kids. In ONE Sunday, with less people attending (more watching from home these days) and a few texts on Monday all names were spoken for. With our "freeze" the next 2 weeks our church will not be meeting, so I am thrilled as ever! 

We are still planning on sharing our antique quilt challenge quilt on Wednesday. If you want to send me a photo I'll post it on my blog. If you want to know what that's about click HERE

My in person quilt guild meeting is on FREEZE as well! So don't show up, because nobody will be there. I'll be getting my second lecture organized to Zoom this coming week.
Karen asked why is Zoom necessary. Here's a short update on my Zoom experience.

I've attended lectures with hundreds of participants. You can only hear the speaker and usually they have a slide show to present that they are narrating. There is a chat box to use if you have a question. 

I used Zoom to do my "String Quilts your Way" workshop. It was a small class but I was able to use 2 cameras, one on me while speaking, and one facing down on the table. I could toggle between both cameras easily. 

When I present for a guild, I'll be a co-host and the participants will also be muted (the host will have controls for that) and I'll be able to share my slide show and speak while it is going. The Host can monitor for questions.  

It isn't ideal, but it is a great alternative during these days and likely months to come. If you plan on attending a Zoom meeting for the best possible experience download Zoom to your desktop computer, ipad, or phone! You can even do a test meeting so you can figure out the controls. Go HERE for more info. 

I hope that more of you will look at this alternative to in person gatherings if your area isn't allowing them. 

If your guild needs speakers, I'm filling up my 2021 schedule right now! Check out my lectures and workshops HERE

Have an amazing weekend!



  1. That quilt is very cute! And look at you go with the Zoom technology. So happy it is working. We all need to practice flexibility right now - nothing comes from trying to hang on to what we are missing. You are an inspiration.

  2. Oooooo can't wait to see all of your antique treasure! I am working on blue and yellow strings right now, and it is great fun!

  3. Love this antique treasure...possibly a quilt along some day?? So happy for your success with the Angel Tree, seems like more of this is happening this year. Feels as if this tragic pandemic brings out the very best in people.

  4. I love the little antique quilt! Polka dots always get to me!

  5. I am loving the antique quilt--so fun!
    Great news about the angel tree. So glad people stepped up and filled the need!

  6. The antique quilt is absolutely gorgeous !!
    Thanks for sharing !!

  7. I would love to sew along with one of your string quilt workshops! I'll keep an eye out for any openings. What a fun way to share our quilting and stay safe.

  8. love the quilt!
    good luck on zoom - it's good, but not as good as inperson.


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