Friday, November 6, 2020

This and That on A Friday

This and that on my design wall. I'm prepping some options for the string quilt class. I think the settings are endless!
 I finished my antique block quilt challenge! Whoop! Whoop! It is small, but everything else is unusual for me.  We will share our challenge quilt on November 25th. I'm looking forward to seeing them!
A bit of Instagram this week. 
And Elsa making herself comfy when nobody was looking!! She's looking at me like, "Oh Hi! What did you turn the light on for?" LOL


And so I had this crazy thought that Tuesday would put an end to our election news, endless commercials and unkind people. Boy, was I wrong! How about we start by being gentle to one another? Accepting each other no matter what we believe or who we voted for.

Have a great weekend friends! Love you ALL!


  1. I can't wait to see your challenge quilt. I love the quilt that Elsa is laying on. Hugs

  2. i knew it was going to take a while for the voting dust to settle...i'm ignoring the news for at least a week...

  3. Our dogs weren't allowed on the couch but frequently we'd come home and look in the front window and there would be the culprit, looking innocent. He'd be off the couch before we walked in the door!
    Here's hoping that some of the election stuff will be decided this weekend.

  4. Elsa has great taste --- she picked a beautiful quilt to sleep on! Looking forward to seeing your antique block challenge. Keep on having fun with your strings!

  5. I agree we need to come together.
    I'm planning to quilt my blue and cheddar string quilt soon! I think I'll big stitch.

  6. I've stopped watching any news whatsoever, except for the local weather forecast a couple times a week. Have just started hand quilting the third of of my Stringalong quilts from last year's challenge. I could make string quilts from my scraps for the rest of my life and never touch my stash!

  7. It's going to take a lot of effort by everybody in the days ahead to be kinder and gentler but it must be done.

  8. Not even a little sneak peek??

  9. Totally endorse your last comments Lori! :)

  10. i agree, your country can use some kindness. No matter what you believe in or how you vote. You have to respect one and other. Sure hope that after this pandemie is gone or better, I will be able again to travel to the UNITED States again to visit family and friends.


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