Friday, July 16, 2021

Just a Little Peek

Although I've been covering for an employee on vacation I got a few minutes in my sewing room this past week. Here's a pile of scraps from our fall quiltalong. Maybe called Yankee Doodle, but maybe not. I don't want to disparage my British friends.  :)

A few highlights from last weekend's backpacking trip.

Koosah Falls

Sahalie falls

A great place to stretch out and rest my body. 

A cold river to soak our feet and enjoy the outdoors. 
(one of my favorite photos)


Have an amazing weekend!


  1. OH looks like such fun to me!!!!!! Love hiking vicariously with you!

  2. Me too! I've never camped!!! You make it look so fun. Geesh, I can't even find a friend to quilt with never mind camping. What a beautiful state you live in, I'm in MA and drive up to NH and Maine often but as beautiful as those states are I think your state is even more so. Some day soon I am getting a camper and will see more of this amazing country. Jan in MA

  3. Lovely! Those waterfalls make it look so serene and cool. Long pants?

    Fun sneak peek [not peak].

  4. So peaceful, away from the maddening crowds. (I'm kind of an introvert.)


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