Friday, July 23, 2021

Small Town County Fair!

Our fair used to have lots and lots of entries. Now, not so much. It was still good to see a few quilts and a few crafts. 

A lovely quilt made with Kaffe fabric.

At first I thought this was ties, but when looking at the tag I realized they were feathers. I thought it was super unique. 

My favorite. Made from pillow case embroidery and hankies made by the quiltmakers mother and grandmother. 
So special!

A quilt made from ties. 

A small section of Native American traditional crafts. The beadwork is phenomenal! 

Do you enter anything in the county fair?

And what's a fair without animals?!

This is definitely not on my "approved" list but I highly approved! 
Funnel cake with Bavarian Cream. This may be my first time eating a funnel cake! 

Have a  wonderful weekend!



  1. Love the pics! Repurposed fabrics in quilts are always a draw. Your fair animals and food look very similar to ours. I too lament the fewer entries every year. We will again not have a County Fair this year due to COVID. :(

  2. Our county fair is small like yours. Sadly the area where quilts are shown is not at all secure and last time we went some of the quilts were left folded on tables where anyone could touch, spill food on or even walk away with if the lone attendant was distracted. I wish they had a better facility in which to display quilts, they would undoubtedly get many more entries. Always fun to see the animals and their young owners caring for them, best part of the fair!

  3. I haven't been to the State fair in several years. Now I want to go. Love everyone of your photos. Especially the Funnel cake. Can't believe you have never had one. The animals were so cute!

  4. Love seeing your fair pictures. The animals are adorable. I have some of my mother's mother's hankies & often wonder what to do with them. I would definitely want to splurge on the funnel cake!

  5. We used to live in a less-populated county, and I did enter things in Open Class there. It helped that my kids were in 4-H for several years and so they were entering things too. And we were only 45 miles from the state fair location too so we attended. However, the county I live in now is much more populated, but has a less active county fair. In the 15 years we've lived here I have not entered anything. I tried to get info on entering things in Open Class a couple of times, but didn't get much assistance.

  6. Can't have a fair without funnel cake! Powdered sugar is the topping of choice. We have street fairs here , food fairs, but not the traditional county farm fairs. My dad loved the county fair and we'd go to the one on Cape Cod, esp to see the [baby] animals and the quilts.

  7. I've never had the Bavarian cream on a funnel cake before. I've had lots of funnel cakes over the years. The fair around here is jam packed with crafts, and you only get to see part of the quilts or other crafts each year (all folded over and layered over each other). Not worth the effort to fill out all the paperwork to enter (very difficult rules to enter).

  8. I love everything about a county fair but quilts and animals are always my favorites :) Thanks for the pics and that quilt made from embroidered pillowcases and hankies is a treasure!

  9. I am going to our county fair next weekend. I didn't enter anything this year, but usually enter an art quilt. My favorite, the California State Fair, has been cancelled.

  10. Next Saturday I am taking 2 quilts to the Yamhill County Fair. The fair starts on August 4 and I have entered quilts for several years (except last year). I love the quilt you showed made with vintage embroidered linens. I have a friend in Texas who made a quilt similar to that. I love vintage linens! Didn't you enter a quilt? What about the state fair? I might enter something in the state fair too - haven't decided yet.

  11. First funnel cake??? oh my gosh
    I love fair season. Looks like you had a great time.

  12. Funnel Cake! YUM! Love the feathers quilt, though I have seen tutorials with the fluff at an angle rather than straight on.


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