Friday, August 13, 2021

Fun on Friday!

Dotti, I saved the claret strips for you but they are still sitting here. Do you still want them?

Everyone who has asked and paid for a block has a block in the mail to them. This turned out to be an international swap! Whoop! Whoop! Canada, Australia, Germany and France all will be participating. I hope the blocks arrive in a reasonable amount of time. 

It's not too late if you would like an antique block from me. Check it out HERE for more info. 

I had this lovely comment left on an older post about wool applique and I accidently hit delete instead of publish! 

From what I can make out from google translate her name is Artesanato. I thought it was such a kind comment I didn't want to ignore it. Wool applique is so fun! Thank you for leaving the comment!

Unknown has left a new comment on your post "Wool Applique":

Nesta pandemia eu no intuito de não enlouquecer,comecei a pesquisar mais mais e encontrei novas técnicas.
Adorei seu trabalho bordo desde os meus sete anos.
Amo artesanato

In this pandemic, I do not know why, I began to investigate more and find new techniques.
I have loved your work on board since my seven years.
I love artesanato
This was the wool piece on the blog post she commented on.

Thank you Juliann for the darling dresses! Sorry I didn't get a better photo. It was 100ish degrees with a hot wind blowing. 

I took this photos last week. This is what is blooming in my garden during the hot dog days of summer. 
Russian sage is a great plant for summer heat. 

The bees love it too!

A light yellow version of a mexican hat. 

My rugosa's are blooming again. 

This is hard to see but it is a statice plant and something I thought was a salvia but it isn't. 
It seems like purple is my summer color!

I hope your week was good. hubby and I are on an adventure this weekend.  I'm bringing my little quiltalong for this fall. Trying to get it hand quilted and ready to share!

Much love


  1. Good morning, Lori! I am using my own antique block, so you had more to share...what a fun idea! Lovely summertime flowers!!!

  2. It is always fun to see what you are up to.

  3. My claret strip and block pieces arrived in South Carolina. Love them! Ideas are forming. Pretty sure I will make them into a table runner. Thank you for the challenge.

  4. Hot and smoke filled skies means I need more indoor things to do. I wonder where those appliqué circles are? I love that wool applique

  5. Wonderful that you're able to keep yourself so busy and occupied during these crazy days.:)

  6. Lori, I would love to have one of your antique blocks, is there are left!
    Love your blog post, specially to see the place you go hiking!
    Hugs, Rina!


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