Monday, August 2, 2021

Pillowcase Dresses and Block Challenge

Delleen offered to make a few dresses from the fabric that was donated and these cuties arrived! I wish you could see the sweet pockets on them! Thank you so much Delleen!

Thank you all for your interest in the antique block challenge! If you had an email associated with your comment I've written you back.
Manuelle from France, please email me at

Here's a little more info:

If you want an antique block, please send $5 with your mailing address and I'll get the block in the mail! Thank you! If you are outside the USA please send me an email before paying.

Such a great response to the antique block challenge! Thank you!
My mailing address for this challenge. (If you have my home address you can use that as well)
Lori DeJarnatt
PO BOX 616
Madras, OR 97741
I have several blocks going out in the mail today!

Sunday we attended a funeral for a dear man. He started out as a business associate but ended up being a friend. They own a historic ranch on the high desert and I love shooting a few photos in black and white.

And ended last night with dramatic skies at home.

Let's have a great week!



  1. Those are very cute dresses, with much fun! I have an old, 1880's block in mind to use in your challenge...your quilt is so much fun!

  2. I have some antique blocks to use already. Are there some rules for the challenge? Size limits?


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