Friday, August 6, 2021

This and That on a Friday!

I found this adorable crib size quilt from the 30's-40's in my closet while hunting for the "missing" blocks.  It was so charming! I hung it up in my room to consider what I should do with it and admire it up close and personal.

Look at the terrific binding! 2 sides green, 2 sides blue

It has a bit of simple cross hatch quilting through some of the 4 patches. 

And then some small ties with thin floss. 

It is very lightweight with no batting and very sturdy. I don't understand how the black is stitched on the back, but not the front.  The backing looked some a decorator type fabric, very soft and appropriate.  Some of the ecru cross hatch quilting on the front you can see on the back. 

My friend is on the board of a ministry that has opened a women's shelter nearby and I asked if they could use it. I dropped it off for her today after giving it a good wash. I couldn't think of a better place for me to donate it.

Look what I have here!

 21 amazing pillowcase style dresses made by Carolyn Hansen. Thank you! I love to be able to hang them up outside but ash was falling from nearby wildfires so this was the alternative. They are so darling! Thank you Joann for the donated fabric and Carolyn for the labor of love making them. 

Adventures this weekend! So excited! See ya'll on Monday!


  1. I wonder if the black stitching held 2 thin backings together?

  2. Maybe there was a second quilt top under the top. I've seen old quilts like that around this area.

  3. That is such a darling old quilt, so sweet. That is a mystery about the black stitches. I think JustGail might be on to something. Cute pillowcase dresses for such a good cause.

  4. I agree that there is prob an earlier quilt fragment held together w the black stitches, then the crib top was added later. A truly frugal time, from the fabrics, 30s, 40s? I am a bit surprised you gave it away as it has some historic interest.

  5. Such a sweet quilt! I believe the back is a remnant of another quilt. We see this quite often in Maine antiques. They simply place a new top on an old quilt and re-quilt it or most often just tie it together. Those dresses are adorable.

  6. We have it bad today but we don't have ashes falling. It's almost like sitting around a campfire. Darling doll quilt and I enjoyed learning from the comments about it too

  7. My guess would be a young girl was practicing her quilting stitch on the backing fabric before it was part of a quilt….putting a remnant of fabric to good use. Then maybe she made the little quilt top and use the “practice “ fabric for the back. It’s precious. The little dresses are so charming and colorful!

  8. darling baby / crib quilt! Some day I will dig out my repros of that era and make soem lovelies from them.


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