Friday, October 8, 2021

Land That I Love Part 4

 Happy Friday!

Today we are going to cut (6) 2 3/8 squares, then cut them on the diagonal for 12 triangles. I used lights/mediums and darks.

Then we will cut (6) 3 7/8 squares, then cut them on the diagonal for 12 larger triangles. Most of mine are mediums/darks. 

This is my favorite ruler for cutting my small scraps into usable pieces, especially in a small quilt and I want most of my HST to be different. 

You should have (12) 2" squares remaining that you didn't use in your little blocks we made last week.

Lay out your smaller triangles with 1 2" square as in the above photo. 

Sew one triangle to the side of the square, press.

Then sew the other small triangle to the other side of the square. 
Then sew that unit to the larger triangle. Make 12 of these units. 

My prints and colors are a mixed bag, very scrappy and similar  to the original.

Lay them out like above and sew them together. Make 6 blocks. Your blocks should measure 6 1/2". 
 TADA! Stand back and admire your work!


  1. Oh, now I really have to do math, since I have made my blocks smaller. We'll see if I am smart enough to figure it out. :)
    I love the ScrapSaver ruler, too. When you work from scraps a lot, I don't know how you survive without it. It was gifted to me years ago and I have been grateful for it ever since!
    Enjoy your trip!

  2. I am enjoying this little sew along using bits and pieces of another project going on in my sewing room. Happy Fall and thanks for taking the time to do this for us.


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