Monday, October 25, 2021

QuiltFest NW

I feel so blessed to be able to attend 3 quilt shows in the past month!  I'm so inspired and hope to have a quilty productive winter!
Here's a few of my favs from the show.
Such a fun and unusual sampler designer  from Australia. 

I really loved the variety of background prints. 

It is hard to see (click to enlarge)  but the chicken bodies are string pieced!

Incredible and so detailed!

I can appreciate this so much, but dont' have a desire to do that myself. 

This was a few "cards" from a challenge. So unique and creative!

Hope you enjoyed these quilts as much as I did. 



  1. all very nice poignant the mother and child...

  2. Oh my! What gorgeous quilts. I love, love, love them all. Some amazing talent is displayed.

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorites - what a great variety of beautiful quilts!

  4. I never get tired of looking at quilts :0). thanks for sharing and I especially enjoyed the close ups! Happy Sewing, may we all have a very productive quilting winter :0)

  5. What an awesome display of quilts. Lucky girl you are for sure. 3 quilt shows. Fun for sure

  6. Some fun quilts! I think there is a show in November near me. Will have to see if I can got. I do miss quilt shows and sops (so many have closed around here)

  7. I love these bright happy quilts! The first one is so lovely, just what I'd aspire to create going forward.

  8. more fabulous quilts. I love the cards!


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