Friday, October 22, 2021

Aurora Colony Quilts

There were quite a few quilts at the Auroroa Colony quilt show which made less room for the colony quilts.. I always enjoy seeing them, but I think it was good they had so many current quilts entered. 
Here is one of the Colony quilts. I took this in a past show. 

They had it displayed in a small case behind glass this year. Such a sweet bird!

Here's another one with classic colors- poison green, double pink and mourning purples. 

Several of the Colony quilts have this awesome quilting. 

 They had their little store this year and I picked up a few goodies. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. More and more, I admire hand quilting - especially when it's so well done. Beautiful! Also, love your new treasures:-)

  2. Beautiful! Especially the deep orange and blue-orange plaid, and the quilting is exquisite.

  3. I loved the quilt in the 1st picture thank you for showing the whole quilt

  4. I love that applique' border - sweet bird indeed!

  5. I really like that 1st quilt, too! Must be the birds :)

  6. That Colony quilt is fascinating. Makes me think of Christmas trees.
    Always fun to do a little fabric shopping.

  7. So many beautiful old quilts. I also admire hand stitching and quilting. Lovely fabrics you picked up too.


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