Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Christmas Gifts

 A generous blog reader sent me these Temecula mini quilt postcards! They are adorable! Thank you Annette!

I talked to Katy, blog HERE, as I feel like she knows a lot about the Go! merch and she recommended this set. Wow, I got a really great deal and bought it as a Christmas present for myself. Yes, I've used it quite a bit already!

My sister had this mug made for me and gave it to me when I arrived in Idaho this past weekend. 

I love it so much!

I have 2 quilts for sale. You can see them by clicking on the upper right photo or HERE

Have a great week friends!



  1. Fun gifts! I love the TQC cards and buy for myself every year plus a few for friends' gifts.
    On your mug, what does fire suppressor mean?

  2. Quilty Christmas: I found that the LQS was having a sale of some very desirable fabrics so notified hubby and we both enjoyed shopping there, before Christmas, we each got fabrics for ourselves that we will be using on upcoming quilts.

  3. We need to treat ourselves well at Christmas--good gift choice.
    I have the 6" qube, but mostly I like to buy the individual dies that do more cuts of the shape than the dies in the qubes. And I buy when they are on a great sale and shipping is free!!
    For Christmas I bought myself a couple of sizes of the Drunkards Path dies. (I won't mention all the dies I bought in the week after Christmas on their incredible sales.) ;)
    The mug from your sister is very clever and appropriate!

  4. Those are dies I use the most.......

  5. The postcards are so cute! Quilty Christmas gifts are the best. Looks like you did well.:)


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