Friday, January 21, 2022

Wool Applique

I completed this wool applique last night! Such a pretty little project. 
Not perfect! Handmade and humble by me! lol

I opted to back it in a brushed homespun. 
This is how I found the block in a drawer in my sewing room. I ended up finding a larger tablerunner pattern in a book by Rebekah Smith. 

I brought it with me to Idaho and buttonhole stitched it down . 

Then promptly came home and burned it! Aargh! I removed the stitches and sewed it back onto a new piece of black.

Then finished it with this lovely gold wool.

I put it on Etsy if you'd like to own it!
Thank you for those of you who have purchased finished items and patterns.

The link is HERE.

Have an amazing weekend friends!



  1. Love the urn & that gold really set it all off. Great choice!

  2. Sweet!
    Oops!Your link did not go to Etsy tho, goes back to your blog.


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