Friday, May 20, 2022

Fun on a Friday!

I received a lovely package when I returned from my backpacking trip. 

Suzette is a generous woman who, now that covid is cooling, I'd like to see again! 

This is gorgeous! 

Chocolate brown and pink? Yes please!

She sent these fun little orphan blocks. 

The log cabins are hand sewn to foundation fabric. This little twirly print is awesome! I love to take these with me to my string class to let people know anything goes!

I had my big 6-0 birthday last week and although Suzette didn't know I felt like it was meant to arrive when it did. Thank you sweet friend.

On the facebook group I mentioned it cannot be good when your husband says "My boss has a quilt that needs repairs" 

Here is the quilt and the repair work that needed to be done.
Seriously great top! I estimate it to be circa 1920's. 
 Just not the poly fill, fluorescent yarn green ties and 60's or 70's cheater cloth on the back. (no binding, just machine sewn together in crude fashion.)

This was directly on the 1/2 fold line. 

I wanted to share a few close ups of the fabric. 
The quilt is all hand sewn.

I appliqued a similar red over the top after sewing the split fabric together. It is the vertical section with no green ties.  

What is even funnier is my hubby had some similar yarn material in his fishing supplies! I didn't tack it all the way through the fabric but faked it to match. Can you see it?

I asked him to make a donation to my mission trip instead of paying me. This quilt has a connection to his grandmother- not sure if she made the top and someone finished it our what. I love that he loved it enough to want to be repaired. 

Have an amazing weekend friends!



  1. Your repair is beautifully done, Lori! It's a great quilt with a lot of charm. I'm sure his grandmother would be pleased that he loved it that much, too.

  2. It's a really sweet quilt and you did a great job fixing it! Happy Birthday - a little late! 60 is really quite young.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics from Suzette--and she sent those vintage orphan blocks to the right home!
    Great job on the repair. I love seeing the close shots of those fabrics. I could only tell where you made the repair by looking at the photo of the damaged block and seeing the blocks to the sides of it. Then I picked out its placement in the "final photo".

  4. You did a beautiful job making the repair disappear into the quilt. at least it was not a difficult fix, what with having the red fabric, and the green ties. It could have been so much harder!

  5. Nice work! The quilt certainly has its own personality, and well as a special meaning for the owner. Saving that quilt is a gift you give to them.

  6. Happy Birthday! You make 60 look grand and fun! That is a great quilt to fix up and it looks like you did such a beautiful job. What a great top - even with the green ties - they are sort of fabulous!

  7. Happy Birthday! Will you skydive this year? A new tattoo?
    The repair quilt is seriously charming. That Pinwheel block is great, worth maybe making a doll quilt version? I feel it's older than 1920s, more 1890? And I love the green ties, glad you kept them since you weren't asked to take it apart and completely redo/ quilt it. Did you take a pic of the backing?

    The red swirlies backing of the string quilt is wonderful too. I saw a woman on IG who undid her vintage blocks bec she wanted to reuse the foundations in a quilt top instead

  8. Awww, love that you were able to fix the older quilt for your husbands friend. Everything you did just blends right in! So sweet when people appreciate these things!:)

  9. Happy belated Birthday! Nice repair job.

  10. What a sweet, accidental Happy 6-0 birthday package. That lime green yarn is absolutely not my choice for yarn ties.


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