Friday, July 8, 2022

Uptown July Blocks and MORE!

My July blocks of Uptown are complete. I like to lay out all of the completed blocks, but my sewing room is a creative disaster right now! Which is good, but I like to work in a clean room!

I thought I'd share the quilts I've made that Gay at Sentimental Stitches has patterned from antique quilts she owns. She does such a great job and so accurate! 
Here's the link to her shop where you can find all of these and MORE!- HERE

1857 Album block

I eliminated some blocks to keep the size in check.

Benjamin Biggs wedding quilt. I believe this was a collaboration between Brenda Papadakis and Gay. 

Again, I didn't want a giant quilt, so stuck with 9 blocks. I'm a huge fan of red and green but decided to mix it up a bit. 

Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt

I made all of the blocks and hand quilted this 100ishx100ish quilt. 

Gay's Sally Post quilt

I LOVE the setting! I opted to copy the original. This one and Cherry Tree are my fav's.
Just Takes 2 red and white commemorative quilt. This was a quilt Brenda and Gay designed, not a reproduction or antique. 
Here's mine. I didn't particularly love it and gave it away with a bunch of quilts to fire survivors in Paradise, CA. Read about that HERE

Seriously, I got all choked up reading about that again. So much has happened in that 4 years!

When tragedy strikes we quilters know how to move into action. We don't ask a person's religion, sexual orientation, political standing, health records (or lack thereof), or any other thing that keeps us divided! We jump into action without judgement, with bold love in our hearts for those who are hurting. Can we all try to love more and judge less? 

Okay, that's all. I love you quilter friends and hope you all have an amazing weekend! I'm going to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show! Whoop! Whoop!



  1. Beautiful Quilts Lori! She does have amazing patterns

  2. So many wonderful--and ambitious--heirloom quilts! Wow! Love each and every one!

  3. These are all wonderful! My favorite is Beyond the Cherry Tree. I have started the 1867 quilt but it has been stalled for a while after I put it away and started another quilt.

  4. This was a great post - showing all of these quilts together. Very inspiring!

  5. A beautiful collection of quilts, thank you for sharing them.

  6. Your quilts are really lovely! I've made several of the above, but they are still only tops....

  7. Love seeing all these quilts together.

  8. Never tire of seeing the "Beyond the Cherry Tree". It's a dazzler.

  9. Love the different quilts you have made.


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