Friday, September 23, 2022

Welcome Autumn!

Driving over the mountain pass to my guild meeting colors are starting to change. We still have plenty of nice weather left, so I don't want to rush it!  Either way, we are officially in autumn. 

A local friend contacted me recently and asked if I was still collecting pillowcases. I'm not actively seeking them out at this point, but I will never say no. I then contacted my other friend and asked if she'd like to make them into little dresses for my mission trip. Aren't they sweet?! Thank you JoAnne and Laurie!
Next week I'll start organizing my bags and see what else I may need. I am collecting used eyeglasses. If you are lead to give and you'd like to pop them in the mail, I'll gladly accept then. Email me for my address-

Thank you sweet and generous friends!
Have an amazing weekend. 



  1. My quilt guild also makes pillowcase dresses for the missions. We love embellishments too. Gods blessings on you all !

  2. Those pillow cases are so pretty, what a good idea turning them into dresses :-)


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