Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Two Color Crib Quilt

I do not ever recall showing this quilt on my blog. And if I have, I guess we will look at it again!

I picked up this summer crib quilt in Maine this spring. Such a happy primitive quilt!

It has no batting is why I call it a summer quilt. 

You can see many of these cotton ties, but there are also hidden ties keeping this quilt together. If you look close at the photo above you can see them. 

Also, this was made with half square triangles, not squares. Leftover hst maybe? We will never know. 

Here's a few basting stitches that I believe they put in while adding the binding, which looks like it was attached by hand. 

The ties do not appear to be yarn, but cotton string? twine? crochet thread?

It is bound in red on 3 sides and white on one side. Maybe it was supposed to be the top? I didn't photograph it that way.  Cute, but primitive!

You can see the ties are consistent on the back. 

It measures about 36x42. Such a gem! Since it is done in solids it is harder to date, but I would say 1900-1920. Let me know if you have other insight in dating it. I'd love to hear!

I hope you are having a terrific week.


  1. Such a darling quilt, made with great love!

  2. Perhaps that one binding was replaced due to wear or mishap? I had though maybe those ties could be string saved from feed/flour/sugar sacks, but it looks a bit thin for that. Unless 2-3 strands were used in each knot.
    Cute quilt, with lots of personality. Such simple patches, yet all together there's enough variation to keep it interesting.

    1. Yes, I was thinking the same thing! Simple and cute! And, no, Lori, you had not shared this find before.

  3. The ties look just like my dad's baby quilt from the early 40's that was tied with the grain sack string. His summer baby quilt was shirting fabrics with a flannel back, tied. His winter baby quilt was made with hand carded wool bat, tied with heavy wool stocking yarn. This quilt makes my heart go pitter patter.

  4. What a charming quilt, Lori! I know nothing about dating it, but I really appreciate the close-up shots of the details.

  5. This is such a sweet quilt! I love how they didn't worry about matching up all the squares across the quilt.:)

  6. What a sweet little quilt. Make do but made w so much care. Red and white summer quilts were popular early 20th century so I think your date is a good guess.


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