Monday, October 3, 2022

Welcome Quiltalong

Part 3 in our quiltalong is today! How are you doing on it? 

We will make the letter L and the basket block.

My blocks are a bit humble.... They are still pretty sweet though. 

This one is pretty straight forward. 

They do not share a piecing diagram in the pattern, so I thought since this one may be a bit tricky to new (or old ) quilters, I'd share how I pieced it. 

I got my pieces all cut out and the block laid out. My bottom triangle is a similar fabric, but not the same as the other background. You do not always have to have the same background in one block. 
In the above photo my half square triangles are pieced. Unfinished they measure 2.5 inches.  

I added my triangle to the side rectangle on both sides. 

Then I pieced the center large triangles. 

Then I pieced the 2 half square triangles on the left with the plain square and pieced the upper 2 half square triangles. 

Add the top triangles, then the triangle/square unit on the left. 

Now we will attach the rectangle/triangle unit, lining up at the top. 

Do the same with the other rectangle/triangle unit.

Then add the bottom large triangle.

YAY! Admire your quilt block!

And then there were 6 blocks!

Let me know if you need any help or have any questions. 

I'd love to see your blocks! Please share them on facebook or send a photo to me at 


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