Monday, January 30, 2023

Quilt Show and More

Wow! What a weekend! Starting Wednesday I drove to Salem where Michelle and I set up a booth to vendor for the quilt show. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were busy and fun.
Here's a few of the quilts I enjoyed seeing.

Love the window views!

Apparently this was sold as a large cheater quilt. The maker used the "cheater" part for the star and vine border. 

But look at the stitching on these! Beautiful!

This was beautiful!

I witnessed my first in person Quilt of Valor award! They did several of them over the course of 3 days. It was so touching. I feel so fortunate to see this. I signed up my nephew to receive a QOV quilt!

I posted photos and a live video of our booth on the facebook group. You can join HERE if you'd like. 

My online friend  told her sister to stop by and be sure to say HI and she did! That was so sweet! 
Hi Roxanne!
I drove through a snowstorm to get home and arrived to low temps! Here is Elsa finding a sunny spot on the only place that doesn't have snow! Smart dog!!

If you are wondering, I do not plan on being a vendor again at a quilt show! Lots of work, too little pay!! 



  1. Lovely quilts. Being a vendor at a quilt show is hard work and little pay. Our guild is now having a garage sale once every other year and those of us that have too much of fabric, books, etc., sell our quilt things there and do pretty good. It's a one day event so not as much work. By the way, looking forward to your lecture and class at our guild in March!

    1. When I lived in a larger town there was a quilt guild, good sized. We had silent auctions twice a year to help clear out our unwanted stash. The proceeds would go to the guild to add to their ability to cover costs of so many things. We did pay dues which covered rental of the space. There was also insurance costs for the place while we were using it. The funds also helped pay for guest speakers to come in for programs.

  2. Your booth was lovely and it was fun to see you there! Thanks for the yummy photos of some of the quilts hung at the show!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Sorry the Quilters didn't buy all your goods. I would have loved to come and see you there. Way too far on sketchy roads. It's Colder than I like today, staying in my Jammies as long as I can.

  4. It IS a lot of work!
    Love,love,love that feathered star .

  5. I enjoyed seeing your booth and a few of the quilts you enjoyed.
    Having never seen a QOV presentation, I'll bet that was touching.
    Elsa is smart! I'd like a warm spot right now. It was about 20 below here last night and the high is going to be about 13 degrees. I don't think there is a spot in the yard without snow (we had over a foot Saturday night), and the sun isn't warm--just bright. :)

  6. Oh goodness, your work always amazes me. You are truly talented.

  7. You will never have to wonder "what if" about vending at a quilt show - so it's good you did it this once! Thank you for sharing some of your favorites. The combination of snow and sun is so beautiful.

  8. I love the tradition of making a quilt of valor for veterans. Such a great way to thank those men and women for their service!


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